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6 Automated Customer Retention Techniques

A good business website practically runs itself, and today's customers enjoy seamless online customer experiences to accomplish their goals whenever possible. This makes automated website features and automated on-site marketing the top ways to build and retain relationships with your clients.

Customer retention is almost entirely automated these days. Let's take an in-depth dive into the top six automated customer retention techniques you can use to build loyalty and drive recurring revenue for your business.

 1. Automated Personalization 

From the data stored in each customer's CRM record comes a unique opportunity to personalize your email marketing strategy and communications with that client. The products and promotions your customers see and the content they receive can be personalized using the contents of their CRM shopping history, service history, demographic data, and account settings. The email templates used and even the mix of emails each customer receives can be automatically personalized to reflect their preferences and history.

Automation helps streamline your customer retention strategy in the following ways: 

  • Creates consistency in your strategy
  • Alleviates manual work
  • Reduces errors caused by manual work
  • Establishes a constant outreach schedule 
  • Creates a more personalized customer experience 
  • Saves time 
  • Increases productivity 
  • Reduces waste on internal resources

Automation can be used across all departments to help create consistency, transparency, and accountability in an organization. SMBs gain the most benefit by maximizing resources and reducing manual work.  

2. Self-Help Information Center

One of the easiest and most obvious ‘automated’ customer retention techniques is offering a Self-Help Information Center or Knowledge Base. Customers often want to solve their problems before they seek assistance from a service agent. Let them do this with a smart search feature and a comprehensive collection of useful answers and articles to solve any possible on-site problem.  

Create a place where your customers can go to search and gather information about frequently searched topics/inquiries. 

A well-planned Knowledge Base: 

  • Take a burden off of your customer service team
  • Gives customers the power to help themselves
  • Provides answers to frequently asked questions
  • Gives customers an easy place to seek answers on their own
  • Improves the customer experience

3. CRM Integrated Chat and Chatbots

Chatbots are a great intermediate feature for transitioning customers from "hello" to a live conversation. However, your chatbots don't always have to forward to a live chat agent. Equip your chatbots with some basic knowledge, questions they can answer, and information to give when asked. Integrate your FAQ and then collect conversation data to answer more and more questions automatically. This gives customers instant answers and saves time for your support team.

Chat is one of the most used means of early communication, as well as customer support inquiries. Offering chat on your website gives your customers an easy way to reach your team and get the answers they need quickly. It allows you to provide better customer support and an improved customer experience. Plus, chats can be tracked in the CRM, providing valuable insight into your customers, inquiries, and more. 

4. Automated Emails

Creating and sending automated emails is an essential part of account management. Implementing automatic emails to be sent to customers on their birthday, account anniversaries, or account update emails show your clients how much you care. Going the step further by adding personalized communication will continue to strengthen your bond. Using workflows and journeys to simply this process will increase your internal productivity as well. 

5. Automated Product Suggestions

CRM automation can help up-sell and cross-sell customers with personalized product suggestions. Customer retention isn't just about helping your customers deal with problems. It's also about tempting them back for future purchases time and time again. GreenRope can help you customize your customer's shopping experience with our Shopify integration. Use tasteful, well-blended banners of products that have been automatically generated to suit each customer's tastes. 

6. Customer Loyalty Rewards

Devise a system for rewarding customers when they come back. The best way to do this is with loyalty rewards. Grant your customers with points and prizes each time they return to purchase again from your brand. Little giveaways and special membership deals keep customers interested and coming back time and time again. Customer loyalty rewards can be beautifully automated and woven into your website's customer account setup using GreenRope’s sophisticated campaign and affiliate program

Gauging Customer Retention with Lead Scoring

Sales teams need to know when a customer or lead with a CRM entry is hot or cold. Are they engaging a lot with your website and app or has it been some time? Lead scoring can tell you which customers are eager, seriously considering, or need to be re-engaged by salespersons looking to optimize their positive results and new conversions. Strengthen your outreach efforts by triggering workflows based on lead scoring to keep colder leads engaged longer. 


Automated features and automated marketing on your website are essential to modern customer retention. If you want to encourage today's buyers to shop again, personalize their experience and invite them back with smooth account-based marketing automation. For more insights and the application of cutting-edge marketing technology, contact us today!

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