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May 2021 System Updates

GreenRope, GreenRope, quite contrary

How does your garden grow?

With hot leads and journey flows

And pretty little contacts all in a row


Like flowers in spring, GreenRope’s update garden is in full bloom! Here are your May 2021 system updates:



Company ID - If the “CompanyID” field is checked on the Group Settings > Contact List Visibility page, the CompanyID will now be seen in the list view and detail view on the Contact page.



Recurring payments - When you have a recurring payment setup for a particular contact you will now see alerts in the recurring charges area of the contact’s CRM if the card on file has been disconnected, this also allows for reconnecting the card to charge sequences.



Opportunities List - The system will remember the checkboxes preferences set by each individual account & shared access user on the Contacts > Opportunities > List page. 



To-Do List - When loading and updating the To-Do List, a red badge indicating the number of overdue activities assigned to the user will appear in the navigation bar of the Contacts > View page.



CRM panel - The revenue totals shown in the CRM panel are now loaded asynchronously (speeding up page load) instead of reloading the entire CRM panel for faster and easier editing.


Click Tracking - We have limited email click tracking to one click per recipient per second to prevent too many false clicks from being recorded by recipient mail server link checkers.



Course languages - Apps > Learning - added support for languages by Course




Filtering Drip Campaigns - Contacts can be filtered by name or start date on the Automation > Drip campaign page when viewing contacts associated with any particular drip.



Account Settings

Ticket Settings - On the account settings > Ticket Settings - set positive/alert/negative keywords that can help read semantics of tickets, and in Apps > Ticketing, it will show the keywords in the tables of unassigned/open/closed tickets and in update details




Link Targeting - When creating links, you can set the target in the Advanced tab (useful for making target="_blank" to open in a new tab)

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