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Shared Access: Everything You Need to Know

Your CRM is far more powerful when your entire team uses it. Unlike other systems, GreenRope gives you the unique opportunity to grant full or partial permission to unlimited users. Learn more about the importance of not limiting users and how it helps get your team onboard

This blog post dives into:

  1. The types of shared access permissions available
  2. Setting up a new shared access user
  3. Duplicating Team permissions
  4. Assign power and super users
  5. Revoking or removing users from your account

Types of Shared Access Permissions Available

With your GreenRope account comes the ability to grant access to other users. These users include Shared Access Users, Super Users, and Power Users.

  1. Account Owner - An Account Owner (or Admin) has complete access to their CRM without limitations. They can update billing, manage the account settings, and grant export permission.
  1. Power Users - The Power User can perform most of the primary functions of the owner/admin. They can grant, customize, and revoke shared access permissions. A Power User can see the "Recent Actions" in the account and manage contacts not assigned to a specific group.
  1. Super Users - A Super User is a Shared Access User with all permissions granted, including full access to Contact Management. Super Users also have full permissions for all groups he or she is a member of.
  2. Shared Access Users - A Shared Access User has access to specific areas of the account based on the permissions you grant them. This can be customized to specific groups and features in the account. For example, a sales rep can have access to only the group consisting of contacts that make up his/her sales territory. He/she would not be able to see any other groups unrelated to his/her sales territory.

Setting Up a New Shared Access User

Shared access is on a per-group basis, allowing your team to access your select groups and features. It allows you to create sub-accounts for your team, with specific access to different parts of your account for different users. Click here to watch our quick walk-through video for more details.

To set up a new user, go into the Settings > Shared Access area and choose the group name you would like to give access to. Click to either add a new contact to this group or give shared access permissions to any contacts currently in the group. 

Customize the permissions for each user inside this group. Click on the “?” icon for a detailed description of each feature available. From this page, you can duplicate these permissions for each user and group in your account.

Once you have defined the permissions for your new user, click on the red envelope icon to the right of this person. This sends your new user an email with a link to activate their account and define a custom password to log in.

Duplicating Permissions

Assigning permissions to many groups or team members can seem like a tedious task. But, once you define the permission levels, there are ways to streamline the access on the group or user level.  

  1. Add shared access permissions by copying another group’s existing permissions. Start by selecting a new group, with no users, from the list along the left and click to “Import Group Shared Access.”
  2. Assign permissions for a specific contact inside their CRM record. Go into the contact’s CRM record and click on the Groups tab. Here, add the contact to any group(s) and select “Edit Shared Access” to customize the permissions for each group. Make sure to “Save” these changes to allow your user to access their new groups. 

Remember that before a contact can have access to any feature(s) of a group, they must first be a contact in that group.

Assign Power or Super User Permissions 

Shared access permissions help give your team the right access to features in your CRM. For select team members, you can assign extra permissions for them to help manage your account.

Power Users are trusted users of your account who can delegate shared access rights to other users. These users have access to the "Shared Access" screen to view each group and assign permissions to any contact.

To create a Power User go to Settings > Account > Shared Access > select the Power Users link located in the Groups box. Enter one or more (comma-separated) email addresses click “Save”.

Super User is a Shared Access User with all permissions granted, including full access to Contact Management. Super Users also have full permissions for all groups he or she is a member of. 

On the Shared Access screen, scroll down to the bottom of the Groups box and click the link to see all of your shared access members. Here, choose "Make Super" next to the person you want to make a Super User. You can also use this area to revoke a contact's Super User status.   

Removing Shared Access Users

There are two ways to remove or revoke Shared Access permissions from a contact.

  1. Under Settings > Shared Access choose the group name you would like to revoke access to. For each contact, you can uncheck specific features or use the “X” icon (on the far right) to remove all permissions for this group. The “Remove All Shared Access” button removes all user permissions assigned for this group.
  2. For an individual user, open up their contact record and go into the Groups tab. Select “Edit Shared Access” for each group to update which feature(s) you would like to revoke access to. Repeat this for any other groups they should not have access to.

Shared access is a great way to give your team the custom permissions they need to work inside your CRM. Since these permissions are on a per-group basis, the user needs to be a contact of the group they have access to.

Now that your team is set up, you can assign CRM Activities, view their log-in history, and generate reports based on their engagement. For more help setting up Shared Access, check out our Quick Video Tutorial or Deep-Dive Webinar!

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