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Feature Update: Journeys

By Shay Lucena

If all of your customers were exactly the same, with the same demographics, characteristics, buying habits, and needs, then your campaigns would be a piece of cake. However, the reality is that you don’t have cookie-cutter customers. Your customers don’t meet a one-size-fit-all criteria, so neither should your marketing strategy. Journeys allow you to customize the campaign for each contact based on their individual data and actions. Your contacts no longer need to be subjective to receiving irrelevant and unwanted content. Personalizing your messages and campaigns to their needs will boost sales and customer loyalty.

Now with the latest Journeys update, you can step up your email marketing game to the next level. The journey that a contact goes through is based on embedded “Decisions”. These decisions may be meeting a user defined data field criteria, or by taking an action such as clicking in an email. Our latest updates now enable even more decisions and are integrated with other GreenRope features. You can now create a decision based on actions taken through conversion codes, signup forms, ticketing forms, and surveys. These can also be based on group membership and tags.



Delay options have also been expanded from just a set amount of hours. You can now create delays based on a specified date, opportunity close date, and user defined field dates. Actions can also be delayed from starting until a document is signed or a link is clicked by the contact.



With improved options and flexibility, you can always ensure that your customers are getting exactly what they need. Your customers need more than generic mass emails, but that doesn’t mean that you need to put in more work and time into the process. Journeys can both improve and streamline your process, which gives your team a win-win. Click here to learn how to start creating your journey.


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