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Useful Tools for Improved Marketing 

By Tatiana Ceresa

Being a marketer in today’s age requires a lot of time. You have to master different skill sets, and scour the internet for great content to post, share, and engage with. We want to share some tools that make your day to day life even easier. We highlight some of our favorite tools for creating images, generating content, and improving our efforts. 


Not all small businesses have a dedicated graphic designer. And, who says you need Photoshop to create eye-catching images? Creative efforts are often given to a specific person who may not know Photoshop, Illustrator, or other complicated technologies. Here are a few tools that I use when creating graphics for social, website, emails, and flyers!


Piktochart is a web-based infographic software that allows users without design experience to create professional-grade infographics using premade templates. This is a great tool for repurposing your text-based content. Why create new content when you can use what you already have? Good. Infographics are great for repurposing the content you already have. Take a great blog post and make it visual!



Canva is also a web-based software aimed at helping beginners and professionals with their designs to make them look like they know what they’re doing! Much of the platform is free, however some templates require a small payment. Canva ensures all creative posts are the right proportions for their designated platforms, which makes it easy to create platform specific posts (without having knowledge of pixels). 


Content Generation/Sharing


If you want to save time looking for quality content for your social media channels and blog posts, then you need to use Feedly. Using Feedly, you will be able to categorize topics and easily filter your interests accordingly.  It is also a great place to find inspiration for your content marketing, and discover your industry influencers.



Kudani is a content marketing platform that allows you to create, curate, syndicate and publish content. It was created for entrepreneurs, small businesses and marketers so that they could manage their content marketing activities, build a library of feeds that they could access on demand, and to create fascinating stories based on trending content. **You can even see your Feedly feeds from within the Kudani platform!



BuzzSumo is an amazing platform for looking at your competitors and finding your influencers (it also feeds into Kudani). We use BuzzSumo to find content that has had high impressions and shares, giving us a good idea of what our target audiences want to read about. Another great place to find and brainstorm new content.


Other tools:


RiteTag is a social media tool that helps you find the best and most appropriate hashtags for your content.  RiteTag identifies hashtags that increase discovery and improve results. Use this tool to see which hashtags are oversaturated and which are just right!



With so much content being published, it is important to make sure your content has a high readability score. What is a readability score? It is a score that shows you what grade level your content is at. It gives you a good indication of who will understand and absorb your content. This is a great way to make sure you are making sense at a simpler level! 


Most of these tools are free (with premium subscriptions). Try them out and see if they will help make your marketing more efficient! What tools do you use? We would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations! 



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