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Email EasyBuilder vs. Emailer, Feature Differences

By Madison Ervin and Ian Cuatico


Emails are not going away and there’s a reason why businesses use this marketing tool everyday! Not only are emails a great way to communicate with your customers directly, but they can be used to nurture leads and educate them on your special business offerings.

This blog covers all the ways you can use GreenRope’s emailing features to maximize your marketing efforts and create beautiful content pieces to share with your contact list.

This article covers: 

  • Overview of the EasyBuilder
  • Overview of Email Editor
  • How to use them individually
  • How to use them together 
  • A best practices checklist 

What’s the difference between the EasyBuilder and Emailer?

All of your email marketing efforts can be found in the “Communicate” dropdown of your CRM panel. The EasyBuilder is a great place to start when designing your template structure. Using the drag-and-drop functionality, design the layout of your email template. We like to think of this as the planning stage. In the “Actions” drawer on the top-right, you can access pre-built templates and save your own templates to use for a variety of purposes. When you’re ready to dive into further editing, testing, and sending your email, hover over the Actions drawer to save it to the Media Library.

The Emailer editor is where the magic happens. First, load a template by clicking on the “open” icon in the toolbox to select from the emails stored in your Media Library. The Emailer area gives you the freedom to further customize your email using the WYSIWYG toolbox options or access the html in the “Source'' area. Make sure to preview and test your email before sending it out to your contacts!

About The EasyBuilder:

  • Use the Settings area to format the overall design elements of your template including the desired fonts, sizes, borders, and spacing to name a few.
  • Then add Sections to structure your email content by using the drag-and-drop to build the content layout. These sections include images, text boxes, and social icons to highlight your content categories.
  • When adding images, click on the placeholder box to replace it with your image. This ensures the sizing and quality will render correctly in the designated section.
  • The Actions drawer (on the top-right) gives you access to pre-built system templates and is where you will save your own templates for future use. Once ready to send, export the template to the Media Library to use throughout GreenRope.

EasyBuilder Benefits:

  • It’s simple to use with no HTML knowledge required.
  • Templates designed are predictable and responsive in the recipient’s inbox.
  • Easy to create templates that look amazing using drag-and-drop functionality.

About the Emailer Editor:

  • Further customize system-built, previously stored, or EasyBuilder built templates. 
  • Enhanced editing tools through the WYSIWYG toolbox, including the spam checker.
  • Fine tune your email template using the preview and test functions.
  • When sending the email, easily filter your list of contacts and post to social sites. Use the calendar to schedule and send the email to your defined audience.

Emailer Editor Benefits:

  • Create or edit any email file stored in the Media Library using the WYSIWYG toolbox  or accessing the html source code.
  • Preview the rendering of your email on a webpage, mobile device, and inboxes.
  • Save the changes made as new files to easily replicate email templates and save time.

Email Sending Check-List:

Emails are a great way to nurture your contact list by providing content that benefits both your readers and your business. 

  1. Know your audience. Create templates that highlight the content categories that inspire your readers, while making it easy to navigate and consume.
  2. Create a template theme. The purpose of the email will help define the template, for example personal emails, marketing content, or automation responses will each have their own template theme.
  3. Call to action. Create an action item in your email that encourages engagement. Along with CTA buttons, hyperlink your images to tracked web pages on your site. 
  4. Visual interest. Attract the reader through using images and powerful design elements. Consistency is key with the color palette, using legible fonts, and line spacing.
  5. Preview and test. Ensure your emails are displaying properly in the client’s inboxes by using the “Preview” icon and sending tests to your team.

To maximize your email marketing efforts and increase engagement, here’s a few additional resources we hope you find helpful:

  1. Happy, Healthy Email Lists blog post and video webinar that dives into engagement, inboxing metrics, and cleaning your contact list.
  2. Contact Filtering blog post and video webinar to understand the different ways to organize your contacts to increase segmentation and personalization.


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