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Using Campaign Tracking in Your Email Signatures

By Shay Lucena

GreenRope’s campaign tracking feature improves your marketing efforts by enabling you to review where your website traffic is coming from. By using unique campaign identifiers, you can see who is clicking where, and which links and sources are the most valuable to your business.

For example, this may be a link to your website which you post on Facebook, LinkedIn, or a partner site. However, campaign pages do not need to be associated only with other landing pages or outbound campaigns. They can also be included in daily interactions that you have with your contacts: your emails.

Whenever you send an email to your contacts, the rule of thumb is to include an email signature. Your email signature creates a lasting impression on your contacts, as it reminds them about important details including your name, company, position, and more.

By including your business’ website or other valuable links in your email signature, you have an effective marketing opportunity at no additional cost to you. These email signatures promote traffic and engagement to your business. With a simple URL, you can increase branding and awareness for your website, an upcoming event, book, and more.

Whenever you include a webpage URL in your email signatures, it is best to create a unique campaign ID to enable tracking. By using campaign tracking, you can see who is clicking and where. See which of your contacts are interested in your business, how many people are clicking, and which content is engaging.

To set up a campaign ID in your email signature, you will first need to ensure that you have GreenRope tracking enabled for your website. See Website Tracking with GreenRope for more details. Next, create your unique campaign URL by simply navigating to your original webpage link and adding the text “?cmp=” with the campaign name immediately after the original URL’s text. For example this may look like:

GreenRope will automatically create campaigns within your account for anything that you create using the “cmp=” identifier.

Next, edit your email signature based on your email client’s instructions and add the URL as a hyperlinked text or image.


Email Signature


Once you have created and set up your campaigns, you will be able to track these within your GreenRope account under Website > Tracking. All of your campaigns will appear on the left hand side of the page. You can select which campaigns that you wish to filter and compare your campaign statistics with other campaigns. You’ll be able to see where your contacts are engaging and whom you need to follow up with next. 


Campaign Tracking Chart


Campaign Tracking Chart 2


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