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Dear overpriced, overly complicated, singly feature sales software,

You made me a fool! After all the time I committed to this relationship, I’m no better off than I was two years ago. You promised me the world, but left me feeling cold and alone with an uneasy, light feeling in my wallet.

You were everything I had ever wanted, or, so I thought. From far and wide, people would sing your praises. They talked about you as if you were the very solution to happiness, contentment, efficiency, and success.

When we first met it seemed too good to be true, and it was. I thought that the attention and care I received when you were courting me would last forever, but as soon as I was yours, you changed. When I needed support, you couldn’t be bothered to return my calls and emails, and when you did it was some generic, copy/ pasted response.

But worst of all, you charged me for every user! How am I supposed to make my team collaborative and accountable if we all have to share the same login?! And what about those exorbitant set up fees? When the cost of my tech stack outpaced revenue, I knew I had a problem.

You promised me the world, but left me feeling cold and alone. I want to say that you changed, but part of me thinks that was who you were all along, soulless tech hiding behind an affable, corporate facade.

I won’t put up with this anymore. I’m leaving you to brave the wilderness of digital marketing and find someone new. Someone who doesn’t charge extortionate prices and who can offer the care my team deserves.

Solution Free in Santa Fe

Don’t waste your time on toxic relationships! You’re better than that.

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