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Project Management:
The Discipline You CAN’T Live Without


Project management is more than just a science it’s an art. Whether a temporary project or ongoing internal assignments and tasks, managing your team is crucial for efficiency and productivity within an organization, especially one with many moving pieces. Staying organized and on top of daily progressions may seem daunting and typically quite stressful, if a proper system is not put into place.

Enter, project management software. Project management software is the peanut butter to your jelly, the Lucy to your Ethel. There is no project too big or too small that can’t be processed through such a software. You can manage long term projects that span companywide or small weekly projects within a certain team.  A project manager provides the user with a solid system to assign, organize, and track all activities within a project or organization. Each member of the team is able to view their progress with milestones that have been set as well as note any other issues/problems/concerns that may affect other areas of the project.  

Each project has a goal, and each department or team member involved has goals to accomplish in order to reach completion. Because a projects’ or company’s success is based upon the achievements of more than one person, it is important that everyone on board is able to collaborate and connect without feeling as if they are being micromanaged. A more integrated team results in a more cohesive end result. Project management software, such as the one in GreenRope, help any project manager and team accomplish goals by keeping everyone accountable to their responsibilities. This approach to project management establishes structure, and inspires collaboration, both attributes conducive to productivity.

The key to the successful implementation of a project manager system relies on, like everything else, commitment to the proper use of the system from all parties involved. However reluctant, the team MUST be on board with the process. If not, it may throw off the entire “chi” of the project’s progression.

Once goals are established and all team members are dialed in to the project management software, the manager organizes, assigns, and tracks activities for each department.

For example, the GreenRope team utilizes our project manager on a daily basis. Whether in development, support, marketing, or sales, each member of the team inputs their daily work into their respective project categories. Each one of us is able to see what was done, making activities within the organization transparent and united. If there was a major development or upgrade finished on a particular feature, the marketing department and sales department can use that information moving forward for content and selling points. Being able to see what others’ are accomplishing on a daily basis stimulates dialogue and interaction between departments that may not have collaborated otherwise. Some of our team members have been inspired to gain a deeper knowledge about the software, once reading the project updates that have been posted by other team members. This increased knowledge of the platform allows me to be even better at my job, while increasing my enthusiasm about my team and our end goals.

Now it’s true, all of us here at GreenRope love our job, otherwise we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing, but many of us have said it’s the collaborative effort that makes it so enjoyable.

Like a car, a business cannot run properly if not all parts of the engine are well oiled and connected. The same goes for any business. All the moving pieces must not only accomplish their specific tasks separately, but also cooperate to make sure the car keeps travelling down that highway to victory. 

GreenRope’s project manager is just one of the tools in your GreenRope toolbox to help you stay organized everyday. For more information about our project manager and to view a tutorial, visit our knowledge base or click here.

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