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The Importance of Ticketing or Case Management in the

Customer Experience

No, ticketing does not involve purchasing tickets for the game. Ticketing is a term used for management of issues/ inquiries within an organization. For example, if you would like a demo of GreenRope, or if you have a support question, you might submit a ticket on our website. That ticket is then submitted to us, assigned to the appropriate department and then addressed.

Ticketing is an efficient and effective way to create, update and resolve customer issues, questions, or feedback.

Top 5 Reasons:

  • Don’t let issues, customer feedback, or inquiries slip through the cracks
  • Ensure that employees are notified when they have been assigned a ticket
  • Don’t waste time trying to figure out what is happening. Always know what is going on with your clients/customers.
  • Your customer knows when their issue has been resolved
  • Management can track tickets and view who is working on what, which creates accountability.

Overall, ticketing helps your business communicate better to the customer, while running a more organized and service oriented organization. When you have a lot going on, and not a lot of people to manage it, ticketing becomes a necessary element in organizing, managing, and learning about your clients.

When a customer submits a ticket on your website, their data is automatically housed within your CRM, making that data available to both sales and marketing. If it is a demo request, this ticket can be automatically assigned to a sales person triggering a follow-up workflow. If it is a support ticket, that ticket is assigned to support staff and followed up accordingly.

Obtaining this data is a great way to stay connected with your customer. A sales person that has the ability to see when a client has submitted a help request, is better equipped to speak with the customer and address their specific needs when reaching out to them. This creates more personalized service resulting in what we have been talking so much about, the customer experience.

Ticketing saves time, money, and may just save your brand. When you can track and respond quickly, your customers will be happier.

5 features of GreenRope's Ticketing Feature:

1. Create as many tickets as you would like

2. Have each ticket category assigned to someone

3. Use logic to add ticket openers to different groups based on preset criteria

4. Activate auto-responders when a ticket has been submitted

5. Trigger automated workflows

For more information on how to use tickets and case management for a better customer experience, please join one of our upcoming webinars.


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