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July is the month of independence and what better way to celebrate than with the freedom to do more for our business with GreenRope? Each month our team works tirelessly to bring you a fireworks worthy list of platform updates. So light a sparkler and get ready to be blown away! 

Here are your July 2021 system updates 

We have recently added Instruction Text to Short Text and Text user field types. Found on the Contacts > User Fields page this allows you to put information inside empty fields. This is useful when adding contacts inside the main web UI, ticket forms, signup forms, event RSVP pages, and editing contacts within the web UI.

In the Automation > Workflow Manager there is a new tab for Usage, this allows you to see every place a workflow is in use within your account. 

Workflow CRM

In the Modify Contact functions area of the workflow editor, there is a new placeholder available for Assign and Append Data, allowing you to embed a placeholder with dates in the past 

Account Settings 
A new IP Lockout function allows access to only specified IP address ranges on the Settings > Account Settings > Security page. 

2FA CRM Security

We are excited to share a new Delay function that allows for delaying until x calendar or business days
before a date defined in a user field.

Workflow Delay Schedule

When creating a quote or invoice from an opportunity in a contact record, the quote/invoice will pre-enter the opportunity products as line items. 

When creating custom emails the system now supports Category_ Placeholder for embedding ticket categories in messages. 

Email EasyBuilder
We recently added 7 new templates to the Email EasyBuilder - Marketing Agency 2, University Announcement/Brochure/Newsletter, Win Back, Happy Halloween, and Marketing Agency 1 

In your Calendar Settings, you can define an image to go top right In a public-facing booking calendar. You can assign user field values for appointment date and time along with collecting user field data with appointment requests for up to 3 fields. 

Booking Calendar



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