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Written by Madison Potter, Client Advocacy Manager    


With GreenRope, Your Data Security is our Top Priority

Your data is your business, which makes it our top priority. At its core a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is designed to help build and manage your clients data. The information collected is key when making important business decisions, so it needs to be regularly updated, maintained, and secure. Keeping your system data accurate and up-to-date affects all business decisions, client relationships, and stakeholders. Finding a secure CRM to help manage this data will help your business identify, map, and predict relationships with your clients.

When looking for a quality CRM platform to help store and manage your important data, remember the three S’s:

  1. Security. When you have a handle on your data, you can be confident your business's information is secure. Far too many companies have used sloppy data processes that lead to information being lost or stolen. Investing in secure data management tools means that you can promise complete confidentiality.

  2. Sharing Permissions. Having the ability to only provide key people on your team custom access to this valuable contact data is important. One of the biggest security threats we see companies make is sharing login information across their entire team. Instead, opt for a CRM that doesn’t limit the amount of users in the system and keep your team accountable.

  3. Searchability. With investing time to build out and manage your client relationships, it’s important to easily access key information and reports. Having a complete CRM solution helps integrate all of the tools needed for sales, marketing, and operations in the same platform and easy to locate for tracking and reporting.

We know how important data integrity is to your business. GreenRope is a CRM and marketing automation platform poised to meet your data integrity needs. We're committed to helping you sustain accurate, complete, and secure data. It's a key piece in your business's success. Here are the ways GreenRope helps protect and respect your data:

  • Data Center Auditing. Our systems are hosted at three different co-location facilities with a leading US-based company in the realm of data center hosting and management. They are certified yearly to SOC (SAS/70) compliance, and meet or exceed the Standard Control Objectives established by the AICPA (the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). Those criteria include capacity planning, change control, logical and physical security, and monitoring, among others.

  • Physical Security. All of the data centers have on-site security personnel at all times (24/7/365). Each entrance has a video-monitored man-trap with remote release and biometric scanners. Each door within the data center requires a digital card to access, and all floors are monitored with CCTV surveillance with a 90 day storage window.

  • Network Security. Our servers are housed at three different locations, with each cluster protected by one or more firewalls. Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is required to access any of these clusters remotely, and these VPN connections are created and customized for each individual that requires access. Only essential personnel are allowed access.

  • Application Security. We do not store user passwords: we instead use strong encryption to encrypt those passwords, and then the resulting encrypted data is hashed to produce a unique signature of that password, which is the only value that is stored in our database. It is virtually impossible to decrypt the password from the stored database.

  • Backups. A full database backup is performed on a nightly basis. These backups are not only stored locally for rapid recovery when needed, but are also copied over a secure dedicated line to an off-site facility in another state (with the same security and auditing levels as described above). Application code and assets, as well as all user-uploaded media files are stored on high-availability Network-Addressable Storage systems that permit point-in-time recovery to within an hour. We also run full daily backups on all of these files and copy them to the off-site facility. Additionally the files are synchronized hourly to a disaster recovery site.

  • Monitoring. We employ an extensive monitoring suite that notifies us with any systems-level out-of-bounds condition (including hardware failures and software issues). We also employ an application-level system that tells us if any of an extensive set of assertions within the application have failed. We have personnel available 24/7/365 to monitor and respond to any situation.

We strive to be as transparent as possible to ensure your data is secure. Don’t trust just anyone with your valuable data, find a business that’s committed to your success. Reach out to GreenRope to learn more about our security offerings and features.


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