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December 2023 System Updates

December 2023 System Updates

As we bid farewell to a year filled with technological strides, December emerges with a flourish of excitement and innovation. In the ever-evolving realm of artificial intelligence, this month's system updates have ushered in a wave of enhancements that promise to reshape the way we interact with AI tools. Be sure to register for our upcoming webinar with our CEO, Lars Helgeson, on January 4th, 2024, as he goes over all these amazing new AI features, and more!


AI Updates

AI Chatbot - support for chatbot to exist as part of webpage (not as an overlay) using a <div id="permachat"></div> on the pag

Email EasyBuilder - new "Build With AI" button generates an entire newsletter from a single prompt and landing pages. Check out this example video!

Speech recognition has dictation mode where you can talk to the browser and it will dictate to any data entry field selected and Show Commands function 

Voice Command CRM

Speech enabled browsers show a microphone icon top left that can be clicked on to give voice commands

SMS - new chatbot over SMS feature allows you to apply an AI Chatbot to inbound text messages

Added "recommendations" for speech recognition for AI for accounts 

Email EasyBuilder

Communicate > Email EasyBuilder - sending a test email from the EasyBuilder now has the option to replace with placeholders 

New templates for the Email EasyBuilder - Color Series, Lavender and Yellow

 Email Templates


Apps > Ticketing - the green color for tickets assigned to you has been softened to be easier to read

Account Settings

Settings > Account - new Dark Mode lets you change the entire UI to a dark mode interface and Night Sky and Mars and Soft New UI CRM

Settings > Account - new left side "Jump to..." links to bring the screen to those settings  

   Settings CRM

Navigation - improved contrast for icons in group selector, added text color support for lighter color navigation background colors 


Projects/Calendar - when looking at project tasks in the calendar, the color of the tasks now matches the color of the project 

Apps > Project Manager - Kanban board has been moved from 2nd to last to 2nd tab 


SMS - left column is a new logging function that started to collect all in and outbound messages 


Opportunity custom fields that are of date type have a red X to allow you to clear out the field


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