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10 Surprising things you didn’t know about Marketing and Implementation Director, Alessandra Gyben

As the Marketing Director at GreenRope, and a member of the GreenRope team for almost 10 years, I am excited to share a little more about myself! While I live and breathe (and sometimes dream) marketing, there is a lot more to me! 

At GreenRope, I am responsible for all of our marketing efforts from customer journey mapping, campaigns, content, workflows, lead generation, and more. I help streamline the customer experience and work with the rest of our team to develop cohesive strategies between all departments. I love marketing creating seamless processes that help both our customers and our internal team work more productively. 

Outside of GreenRope, here are a 10 surprising things about me that you may not have known: 

  1. I went to high school in Paris, France
  2. I have an Italian passport 
  3. Skiing is one of my favorite thing to do - I live & play in Reno/Tahoe
  4. I went to middle school in Aspen, Colorado (I’ve lived in 7 different places in my life)
  5. I have a 10lb Holland Lop bunny named Bip Papi, 4 chickens (Yzma, Kiwi, and Mary Kate & Ashley), a miniature schnauzer named Pia, and a Goldendoodle named Rebel.
  6. I worked as a Hospitality Coordinator at the Belly Up in Aspen for 6 months and saw over 90 shows and worked with some top names like the Killers, Gypsy Kings, Band of Horses, Thomas Jack, Boz Scaggs, Chris Isaak, and a ton more!
  7. I speak French, Italian, and some Spanglish
  8. My absolute favorite meal is Cacio e Pepe (duh, I’m Italian) 
  9. I used to play polo
  10. In 2021 I plan to join the Board of Directors for Lead, a charity that provides horse-based therapy to children, and I also plan to volunteer at the 2021 Reno Rodeo. 


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