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10 Surprising things you didn’t know about Marketing and Implementation Director, Alessandra Gyben


As the Marketing Director at GreenRope, and a member of the GreenRope team for almost 10 years, I am excited to share a little more about myself! While I live and breathe (and sometimes dream) marketing, there is a lot more to me! 

At GreenRope, I am responsible for all of our marketing efforts from customer journey mapping, campaigns, content, workflows, lead generation, and more. I help streamline the customer experience and work with the rest of our team to develop cohesive strategies between all departments. I love marketing creating seamless processes that help both our customers and our internal team work more productively. 

Outside of GreenRope, here are 10 surprising things about me that you may not have known: 

  1. I went to high school in Paris, France
  2. I have an Italian passport 
  3. Skiing is one of my favorite thing to do - I live & play in Reno/Tahoe
  4. I went to middle school in Aspen, Colorado (I’ve lived in 7 different places in my life)
  5. I have a 10lb Holland Lop bunny named Bip Papi, 4 chickens (Yzma, Kiwi, and Mary Kate & Ashley), a miniature schnauzer named Pia, and a Goldendoodle named Rebel.
  6. I worked as a Hospitality Coordinator at the Belly Up in Aspen for 6 months and saw over 90 shows and worked with some top names like the Killers, Gypsy Kings, Band of Horses, Thomas Jack, Boz Scaggs, Chris Isaak, and a ton more!
  7. I speak French, Italian, and some Spanglish
  8. My absolute favorite meal is Cacio e Pepe (duh, I’m Italian) 
  9. I used to play polo
  10. In 2021 I plan to join the Board of Directors for Lead, a charity that provides horse-based therapy to children, and I also plan to volunteer at the 2021 Reno Rodeo. 




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