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How to Target Your Ideal Client

There's nothing more fundamental to your marketing efforts than understanding who you're trying to reach. With over 7 billion people globally and over 4.4 million businesses seeking their attention, it's a challenging task to figure out precisely who to target.

By practically targeting your ideal client, you can significantly improve your chances of success. Here are five easy ways to target the correct clientele while saving time and money.

 Create a buyer persona

A buyer persona is a subset of data that creates a single representation of your visionary client in your sales and marketing organization. This persona embodies data drawn from multiple sources, including demographic data, past buying behavior, behavior after purchasing, and so on. The more detailed your persona is, the more convincing it will be. The pieces of information combine to give a unified index or identity.

It can provide more insight into what type of person you may have on your sales list. It helps put together an excellent potential list of things to share with potential customers. You can find out how someone feels about specific products or services beforehand. With this in mind, you can craft messages that are more relevant to their needs.

 Get a CRM and marketing automation platform

Your ideal client may be a large organization with many departments and sub-offices. It may be a start-up that needs technical support or an existing company that needs support for updating software. Regardless of the size of your ideal client, having a CRM tool will help you better target them and communicate with them more effectively. By using data from your CRM, you can create profiles for different customers. You can base it on their demographic characteristics, business needs, and location.

 Create a data strategy

The power of a CRM comes with the ability to connect with your ideal client through critical data points. By using customer data to single out your ideal client, you can save time and money. Customer data helps you optimize your contact strategies and establish better relationships with your current clients.

Your data strategy should include each channel and activity you engage in with your ideal clients. It will also include data about your ideal client, including their age, income, location, and other characteristics. You can even target your ideal client based on their behavior. If they consistently buy insurance, then send them directly to the insurer with offers for lower rates. You can create a strategy like this one that targets your ideal client in your local CRM.

 Create Reports

Your ideal client is likely someone who has an issue you can help solve. Usually, some barrier prevents them from seeing the value of what you can do for them. By presenting your data in reports, you create a better buying experience and narrow your search to a more manageable number.

Test out your marketing efforts

You may also want to find out what message resonates with your target audience. That is where A/B testing comes in. It involves comparing two versions of the same web page with different copies and different images. If copy A drives more conversions, then the B version will need to be tweaked. By comparing different versions of a web page, you can discover which modifications are most helpful. You should then make sure they are at the top of your list when building your website or marketing campaign.


Marketing is all about knowing your customer and their needs, and this is where a good CRM can help you out. It will help you pinpoint new opportunities, understand what existing customers want, and even e-mail potential leads directly. The customer receives something they're interested in or solves a problem they have. Having a good CRM helps you to be more successful and get more clients.


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