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The Importance of Lead Validation

By StraightNorth

“The Critical Importance of Lead Validation in Internet Marketing” study reveals that about 50 percent of a company’s website inquiries are not sales leads. This eye-opening data was compiled from a process called lead validation, which is when sales leads are separated from non-sales-related form and phone conversions. Those include spam, forms that are missing contact information, sales solicitations or customer service communication. There are many benefits of incorporating this process into your marketing strategy, but the key benefits include:

  • Knowing which online marketing source generated each validated sales lead.
  • Knowing the accurate number of sales leads versus non-sales-related inquiries.
  • Knowing not only the cost per conversion but the accurate cost per lead as well.  

By validating the many leads your site will generate, you can adjust campaigns based on reliable sales lead data instead of inquires alone. This will prevent you from investing in campaigns that based on inquiries are believed to be contributing to ROI but in reality are generating little return, or worse, losses.

For more insight into lead validation and other important data that includes which days of the week most leads convert on, and visit attribution for those conversions, check out the presentation below:



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