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Actionable Ways To Propel CRM User Adoption In Your Company


Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) has helped businesses manage interactions with their current and potential customers to drive brand growth and revenue for companies. CRM usage has increased  from 56% last year to 74% in the past two years. 91% of companies with 11 employees and above are currently using CRM. Based on these growing statistics, one cannot underestimate the importance of CRM.

How can you ensure significant user adoption for CRM in your company?

50% of CRM  projects in companies fail due to poor CRM adoption. Thus, establishing  actionable measures to increase user adoption is crucial. Managers should ensure that employees view CRM as a system that must be a part of daily business practices. To achieve this, managers need to educate team members on every aspect of the CRM, and make sure that each person feels comfortable  using it.

Listed below are the steps administrators should take to increase user adoption of CRMs.

Educate on the Software and Provide Proper Training

To increase user adoption, invest in training sessions to educate your staff on the inner workings of the CRM. When your company adopts a new technology, make sure all staff understands how to use it. To create an inclusive culture, allow your team to ask questions about the software. Instead of scolding a mistake, correct it and push for persistence and perseverance. When you allow your team members to grow from their mistakes, they are more motivated to learn about the software. They will be able to correct their mistakes, rather than push the CRM to the side. This will lead to better success within your company.

Each CRM is different and consists of a variety of features, which can be quite overwhelming. Thus, the training manager must set aside a specific schedule for training your team on CRM. For the sales team, you can create a training schedule for creating a sales process on the CRM. For marketing staff, you can create a training schedule on how to follow leads. Proper training leads to strong client/customer relationships, an increase in employee engagement, and the creation of a cohesive company atmosphere.

Gather Opinions from Your Team Before Selecting a CRM

CRM implementation is more than technology, it is a complete transformation of your business process. You must include your staff in the purchase and implementation of a  new system in order for them to feel comfortable working with it. To increase buy-in from your employees, allow them to provide feedback and express their needs. What features do they need? What functionality does the CRM and marketing automation platform need to provide? If you do this, your staff will feel involved in the adoption of the system. This will make execution much easier once the CRM comes into play.

Lead by Example

Don't preach water and drink wine! Research has shown that leaders are among the top reasons CRM adoption fails in organizations. As a leader, you are part of the C-Suite who make the major decisions about the company's direction. When it comes to CRM adoption, leaders should lead from the front. If you use the system efficiently, your team will follow your lead.

CRM adoption is a top-down approach. Management should buy into the CRM and encourage the rest of the employees to do the same.

Insist that CRM is a Tool to Improve Operations

CRMs sophistication offers significant benefits to the running of your organization. Because CRMs often have many features and tools, they can be confusing at times. This can lead to negativity about the system and poor adoption of the CRM. As a manager, you should address the concerns of your employees. Reassure them that the CRM platform aims to improve customer based operations. If your team seems confused on the benefits of the platform, explain the functions of said aspects in depth. This way, your employees can trust that you are being open and honest. Emphasize the fact that CRM will improve the daily lives of all team members across every department.

Here are a few benefits of CRM to educate your team on if they are skeptical:

•    Gathering customer information in one database

•    Improving customer retention.

•    Better data analytic features.

•    Accurate sales forecasting.

•   Automated sales reports.

Convincing your team to adopt CRM may involve a lot of detailed steps, as discussed above. Once adopted, the results will be successful execution of the CRM by your team which will breed success for your company.

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