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How to Generate More Qualified Leads with Your CRM

How to Generate More Qualified Leads with Your CRM

For every business, a lead is a potential customer. They are interested in your products or services but have yet to complete a conversion to book a service or complete a purchase. Of course, knowing which curious eyes are future buyers is a matter of lead qualification. While many businesses can generate leads, generating qualified leads that are most likely to buy is a whole different story.

What is a Qualified Lead?

A qualified lead is someone more likely to soon become a customer. Leads are qualified based on their potential buying power, motivations, and demographics which can influence their real interest in completing an order with your brand. 

What qualifies a lead? That depends on the company and business model. Your product history may indicate that those of a certain age group or income bracket are more likely to become customers. A qualified lead may be someone who has a project in mind and needs the goods or services to make it happen. A qualified lead for your brand might be small businesses of a certain size and sector. Or you might qualify based on the number of opened emails and active new-user engagement.

Lead qualifications are any indicator that suggests a lead might be more likely to close and convert than other casual audience members and website visitors.

Integrate Lead Qualification Into Your CRM

So how do you avoid losing leads as they pass through your website? How can you get started on lead qualification from the very beginning? For this, you can make excellent use of your CRM database. Why only track customers when you could get started early tracking future customers, as well?

Have Landing Pages and Signups Generate a CRM Entry

Once you open a CRM entry for someone, they exist in your system. Your analytics can track them, your sales team can reach out. So start having CRM entries generate automatically as people become leads. This makes it possible to investigate and engage with each new lead further to determine if they can become qualified leads.

Generate your initial CRM entries from sign-up forms completed, surveys taken, and unique landing page visits to help you get started.

Start Collecting Provided and Behavioral Data

Once a CRM entry has been made for a lead, you can get qualifying. Track your lead's behavioral data to see if it contributes to a qualified lead status. Make use of any signup forms or surveys your lead completed along the way.

Qualify New Leads from Your CRM

So you have a new lead entry in your CRM. How do you qualify them to know which leads to nurture? You can choose from both human-directed and cleverly automated lead qualification strategies making use of your CRM data.

Sales Email or Conversation

Live and direct outreach often involves sending an email or even making a phone call to reconnect with a potential lead. You can write a personal email or send a well-tailored automated email to each new lead who entered their email address.

Intake forms and Surveys

Intake forms are a great way to collect lead qualification data. For a complex service, many new leads are willing to fill out a form indicating their purpose budget, and plans regarding their interest in your products.

Score Your Leads

Scoring a lead involves giving each lead a numerical value representing how likely they are to convert based on lead qualifying procedures. For example, a lead with budget and intent would get a high qualified-lead score while a lead with intent but a smaller budget might get a lower number. Lead scoring can let you know who to focus the most re-engagement energy on. Leads can be scored on demographic, behavior, and direct survey question answers.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics like you can find with Green Rope take a closer look at each one of your leads as the data is available to pre-score leads on your behalf. Predictive analytics can be used to automatically determine a lead's qualifications based on predictive behaviors. Lead scoring automation, for example, might increase a lead's score for opening and engaging with several emails in addition to signing up for the newsletter.

Lead Nurturing Campaigns and Automation

Finally, you want to start automating unique campaigns based on who your leads might be Build personas of your leads and create custom email tracks and engagement tactics to increase your ability to qualify them as leads and their trust in your brand over time. As leads engage, you send them on a journey of emails and on-site experiences to help further that engagement and move your leads toward successful conversion

GreenRope can help you generate more qualified leads for your business with our all-in-one lead nurturing tools. It's all based on making use of your CRM to get to know not just your customers, but your leads and future customers as well. Contact us today to learn more about generating qualified leads with the help of your CRM and Green Rope solutions.

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