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CRM For Agencies: The Why

Why Everyone Needs A Complete CRM

Complete CRM is a powerful tool that can improve any organization, and marketing agencies are no exception.

Chinese philosopher and military strategist Sun Tzu’s maxim, “strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory,” applies just as well to 21st century marketing as it did to ancient warfare. It doesn’t matter how sound your overarching strategy is, if you don’t have the right tools to execute it effectively.

Whether you manage a dozen clients or a thousand, it’s important to have the right digital tools to amplify brand awareness, nurture valuable relationships, and streamline important internal processes.

Complete CRM is a tool that is not only important for your agency, but also your clients. Whether you simply want to use complete CRM or offer it as a service to your own clients, this article highlights the many benefits of implementing a powerful, all-in-one platform like GreenRope.


Attract & Convert

Increase your lead generation efforts with built-in landing pages & signup forms.

Marketing starts with great branding and awareness with the goal of generating new leads for you and your clients. Marketers require a plethora of tools to attract and convert new leads and fill the top of their funnel. 

Once you have brainstormed the focus of your campaigns, the next step is to convert the traffic you attract with landing pages and signup forms. 

Stunning signup forms and landing pages encourage opt-ins, multiplying lead generation. Signup forms are the last touchpoint in a customer’s journey before deciding to opt-in to your mailing list or not. They should be compelling enough to convince anyone still on the fence to learn more about your agency. 

GreenRope not only allows you to design beautiful landing pages and signup forms using a variety of design options, we also give you the option to attach marketing automation to your forms, streamlining efforts to move your leads further down your funnel with personalized customer experiences. In addition to simple email autoresponders, a signup form completion can be configured to initiate more complex forms of marketing automation, like journeys and workflows. Completed signup forms can also contribute to lead scoring, and contact research can be initiated upon submission.

Use GreenRope’s intuitive ‘Landing Page EasyBuilder’ to create elegant landing pages with ease! The EasyBulider’s simple drag and drop selection tool allows you to quickly build your page by mix-and-matching a variety of popular web designs.  

For more customization, you can check out our WYSIWYG builder to build your own highly customized pages using custom HTML. Select one of our premade templates from hundreds of wonderful options as a jumping off point. From there you can change design elements and add your own marketing assets, using our collection of sophisticated tools. If you know HTML, you may choose to edit your LP using the WYSIWYG builder’s source code editor.

Increase the relevance of your content by adding Dynamic Headers to customize what a lead sees based on their campaign ID. Say you’re running multiple Google Ads, each with a unique value proposition. Both ads direct the lead to the same landing page, but you’ve created different campaign IDs for each ad. Your campaign IDs are ‘?cmp=pricing’ for an ad focused on your competitive price points and ‘?cmp=services’ for an ad focusing on your agency’s superior services. You can set up your landing page using dynamic data rules so that the former sees ‘Superior Pricing, Optimum ROI’ above your sign up form, and the latter sees ‘Full Service Agencies Offer MORE’. 

There are so many options available to you within GreenRope to easily create and execute beautiful campaigns, and automatically integrate that process with both your sales and customer care teams.


Manage & Track

Gain valuable insights into your sales and marketing efforts by identifying your highest performing campaigns.

Measuring and tracking your performance, both in your marketing and sales is an important aspect of any well-thought-out, data-driven strategy. Luckily GreenRope has in-depth analytical tools to help you review, refine, and define the most effective strategies for your agency.

GreenRope’s extensive tracking tools provide valuable insights on website visitors, page performance, campaign effectiveness, and conversions. By filtering your site tracking using campaign IDs, you can gauge the performance of each campaign and compare for valuable insights on your overall marketing efforts. Built-in A/B testing and an easy-to-use Campaign Optimizer allows you to test variations in your content against each other, and deliver the most effective content to your audience.

Customer journey mapping offers valuable insights about the client experience. GreenRope’s drag and drop Journeys tool allows you to map out every touchpoint at every stage in your funnel. Having a clearly defined map of your customer experience allows you to more effectively manage client relationships every step of the way and take control of the customer lifecycle.

Prove your efforts with in-depth analytics. Don’t miss an opportunity to celebrate your successes with the team! GreenRope’s campaign tracking, email tracking, and web analytics allow you to see the full impact of your marketing efforts and adjust accordingly.


Automate & Optimize

Equip your entire team with productivity tools to help them work smarter.

A complete CRM that integrates sales and marketing data helps you automate and optimize the customer experience, while also strengthening internal processes and communication.

Maximize efficiency by reducing the amount of time team members spend on laborious tasks. Using drip campaigns, customer journeys, and workflows you can automatically deliver timely and relevant messages to clients and prospects.

Use workflows to create seamless transitions between departments and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Tech silos are like giant potholes in a customer journey. Using mile high tech stacks to manage an enterprise inevitably leads to embarrassing hiccups when data isn’t consistent across all of your platforms, or the right people aren’t able to easily access the data they need, when they need it. Investing in an integrative platform with automation allows you to streamline your process and minimize the risk of communication breakdowns. 

Workflows are a great way to keep your entire organization up to speed and on task. Each workflow can be equipped with a wide variety of sophisticated automation. For teams, ‘Workflow Activities’ are a great way to delegate individual tasks in a collaborative project. Say you created a workflow for onboarding new clients. You can configure this workflow to contain a standardized list of tasks that are assigned every time the workflow is triggered for a contact. 

Each activity can be configured to be assigned to a specific shared access user, so that different parts of the process can easily be handed off to team members working in different departments; ex. ‘Client Onboarding Workflow’ triggers a live demo with sales rep A, a follow-up account manager B, and a phone call from client advocacy manager C. Each task can be set up with alerts and reminders to make sure team members are aware of what they need to get done and when it needs to get done. A list of a team member’s tasks are also displayed in the dashboard when they log into their GreenRope account.

Don’t be generic. Create unique and valuable experiences with customer journeys.

When engineering your customer experience, it’s important not to rely on a one-size-fits all style approach to marketing automation. Not allowing for unique customer experiences can alienate you from your customers, and hurt your brand reputation. It can dissolve consumer trust by making agencies seem lazy or inexperienced. Your approach to landing accounts directly reflects your capabilities as a digital marketer. Create a professional, sophisticated brand experience with journey mapping.

GreenRope’s easy to use Journeys tool, gives agencies the ability to create unique experiences based on how clients interact with your brand at different touchpoints. Each touchpoint triggers a form of marketing automation, like sending an email or triggering a workflow. How customers react to these communications will determine their path moving forward. This lets you create different experiences based on their level of engagement. This way a disengaged prospect, who needs to be nurtured back into the fold, isn’t given the same treatment as a ready to convert lead. 

Controlling the specific information that clients see, based on their actions, creates a high caliber customer experience that is completely inaccessible to companies who opt for generic ESPs, like MailChimp.


Deepen Relationships

Foster long lasting client relationships by being able to view a comprehensive history of all previous brand interactions from within your contact’s CRM record. View all phone calls, emails, meetings, website visits, and movement through your funnel, from one location to gain deeper insights about your storied history together.

Instill confidence in your agency by delivering personalized, efficient, and relevant experiences. Complete CRM is all about effective relationship management. GreenRope’s diverse collection of marketing automation tools, coupled with our extensive tracking capabilities, makes our platform ideal for maintaining healthy, long lasting relationships with the connections who matter most to your agency.


Why Complete CRM Matters

You're picking between different auto mechanics to restore your vintage 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge muscle car. They’re both equally experienced, but their brand image and access to resources differ wildly. One mechanic operates out of his home garage, and only has access to a handful of wrenches and jacks. He does pretty good work though. The other has a warehouse sized garage filled with fancy hydraulic tools, and an entire pit crew of associates. It even has a lobby for you to wait in, with leather seats and an assortment of refreshments and baked goods for the taking.

Which would you choose?

Most people would choose the latter, having been dazzled by the awe-inspiring scope and feel of the bigger garage. Marketing agencies are no different. They need Complete CRM, not just because it’s efficient, but because it helps to cultivate a powerful brand image by providing superior customer experiences. With the right tools for the job, you’re better able to leverage your team’s talent and amplify your results. 


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