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10 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Client Advocacy Manager, Nour Sankary

Nour Sankary is one of GreenRope’s dedicated Client Advocacy Managers. She plays a vital role in advocacy and outreach. She loves problem solving, and getting to know each and every client she helps. When she isn’t assisting clients reach their goals, she can often be found spending time with her kids, taking a walk on the beach, or enjoying some delicious Swiss chocolates.

Here are ten things you may not have known about Nour:

  1. She has a healthy addiction to Turkish coffee and Swiss chocolate. 
  2. She has received her Bachelor’s and Master's degrees from two different parts of the world. 
  3. She speaks multiple languages, Arabic being her first.
  4. She is incredibly trustworthy and values trust above all else. 
  5. She’s learned a lot in her life and travels. The one thing she’s taken away from it all is that when one door closes another one opens. 
  6. Her favorite season is winter, particularly rainy winter days. 
  7. She was born the day after Valentine’s Day, that's why her heart is so big! 
  8. She has two adoring children, smart & adorable, and the fuel that drives her desire to succeed every day. 
  9. She can often be found walking along the beach, watching the sunset. 
  10. She has a passion for fashion and interior design.

Do you need help or have questions about GreenRope and what it can do for your business? Contact Nour and our support team anytime!



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