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March 2023 System Updates


Website > Blog - You can now set Meta Title for blogs. Unlike the headline, the Meta Title is used for search engine optimization (SEO). Click here for more information about the difference between the blog page title and headlines.


Meta Title Image


Website > Manage Site > Store > Checkout Options - There is now a new setting to set your shipping costs to free after the cart is valued at over a specified amount. 


Free shipping image


Apps > Accounting - You can now move between receivables and payables to display either purchase orders or invoices in the same area. 


Accounting update


Settings > Opportunities > Custom Fields - fields can now be shown on the Kanban view in Contacts > View CRM > Opportunities


Show Kanban

Custom field on Kanban


Communicate > EasyBuilder - new page setting allows for defining font color/size/family for Heading 1, 2, & 3 tags


Header customization options

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