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Written by: Hunter Ricci     

How To Use Marketing Automation For Customer Retention


"It costs five times more to get a new customer than it does to retain a current one" 

Just about every seasoned marketer is familiar with the maxim "it costs five times more to get a new customer than it does to retain a current one." Though this notion may not be a universal truth, the basic idea that it takes less resources to maintain a business relationship than to work a new lead through your sales funnel, more or less holds true.

So then what are the best tools to cultivate brand loyalty? How do you maintain the integrity of your company’s most valuable asset? I’m referring to your customers, of course!You may want to consider adding automated marketing to your company’s arsenal of business solutions.


Why Every Business Needs Automated Marketing!

Many businesses only market to prospective customers, i.e. new blood. It’s a reasonable assumption for any small business lacking an experienced marketing team. But, every industry veteran knows that a message needs to be continually reinforced for it to be effective. Consumers today are subject to a constant barrage of information. They’re over stimulated, over worked, and have continually diminishing attention spans. It takes time and repetition for an idea to take hold. 


The same concept applies to your current clientele. Just because they’re here today doesn’t mean they’ll be here tomorrow. Delivering quality service is just part of the equation. Businesses also needs to cultivate a brand identity to successfully differentiate themselves from the competition. But beyond that, you need to let the customer know you care. 


Benefits of Automation

As you can imagine, keeping all of your clientele satisfied and engaged with your brand could eat up a lot of company time and resources. That’s where automation comes in! Automated marketing is a huge facet of Customer Relationship Management technology, and it’s uses are endless.


Rethinking Marketing Automation

Email automation can be a bit of a dirty word these days. It can conjure up the idea of annoying emails blasts that incessantly plague your mailbox with junk. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Used strategically, email marketing can add value to your customers’ lives and fortify their personal relationship with your brand.


Automated Follow Ups

Follow up emails are a great way to engage your clients! They can be used to share product care information, remind them of upcoming sales, and inquire about their experience with your brand. It also lets them know that you haven’t forgotten about them. 

Automated emails also help to generate awareness for products and services a customer may have been formerly unaware of.


Anniversaries, birthdays, and more! 

By utilizing a fully integrated customer relationship management system, text message and email automation can be configured to interact with valuable data you have attached to each of your contacts. Special messages celebrating birthdays and anniversaries can be sent out to express sentiments of care and affection, fostering an intimate relationship unique to your brand.


GreenRope's: The Complete CRM

Having a sound customer retention plan is equally important to having a great marketing strategy. GreenRope offers businesses small and large, the tools they need to effectively engage their customers and promote their brand. Beyond automated marketing, GreenRope also offers business solutions for sales, analytics, customer service, and operations.


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