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Ti’s the season for amazing system updates! We love our clients so much and listening to their feedback is not only our favorite way to update the system, but also bettering their needs is always our top priority. Here are the new updates for December along with a few of our favorites from 2022. 


On ticket update pages, you can click to view the image in full size in a separate browser tab 


New Delay until x business days before date defined in an opportunity custom field

New Delay until x business days before opportunity proposal due date 


In Settings > Account, you can now specify Invoice Types and Shipping Methods, and these can now be edited when viewing an invoice and invoice status 

Booking Calendar 

When assigning booking time to a user field, the time will now be converted to 12-hour time if the field is a text/short text type and the account is set to 12-hour time 


From earlier in 2022: 


Voice Broadcast - Voice broadcasts are either a recorded MP3 file from your Media Library or a text-to-speech conversion done by a computer. You can choose the file by clicking the Audio Message text link next to the text box by going to Communicate > SMS > New SMS Broadcast > Campaign Type.

Call Summary Transcriptions - If you choose to record calls, you can now add transcription summaries to your CRM to review lengthy conversations in seconds.

call transcribing.png


The map markers are now clickable, bringing up contact/company details. Contacts > Tools > Map  

To-Do List

CRM activities on the To-Do Lists located on the Dashboard and Contact pages now show comments for those activities.


When creating new projects, you can choose to copy a previously created task associated with another project and preserve the stage the tasks are in Apps > Projects

Email Tracking 

We’ve added the ability to toggle between showing and hiding the legend and log/linear scale. At GreenRope, being able to review your tracking statistics in multiple convenient and powerful ways is one of the many things that sets us apart from other CRM systems. (Communicate > Track Email)

We also added an easy-to-use search filter to the group dropdown feature, making it simple to find and view the tracking information for any specific group in your account. (Communicate > Track Email)




Contacts > Tools > Clean - can now search and merge duplicates by mobile/phone numbers


New Decision option that looks at the ability to split based on an opportunity having a product in it 


We added ability to edit opportunity field order in Settings > Opportunities > Preferences 


Website > Blog - if no images in any of the top 5 blog posts, it removes the spacer 


Website > Signup Forms > HTML - added link to QR code for the signup form 

Website > Tracking > GDPR - new GDPR tab with instructions on how to install a widget on your website for cookie acceptance 


To our clients, thank you for yet another fantastic year. We appreciate you and your feedback! 


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