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GreenRope's New Updates and Features

By Tatiana Ceresa

It is our mission to be your partner in business. How do we do that? We constantly update and add new features to our platform that you have requested. We want to see you succeed, which is why we dedicate our time to improving the platform. This summer has flown by, and our team has worked hard to upgrade and add new features to turbocharge your business for the fall. Here are some of the notable new features and upgrades that you need to know about!

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New Drip Campaign functionality

You'll notice a new dropdown in the drip campaigns page where you can now specify whether a drip campaignis activated by a delay (number of days from when a contact is added to a group) or 2 new options:

  • Anniversary – This is useful for anything that happens the same date every year such as a holiday (i.e. annual Christmas cards)
  • Fixed date – This is useful for sending emails on a specific date. You can use the fixed date functionality to send emails for an event reminder or as a way to send an email to all current members of a group as the group exists on that particular date.

Project Management Updates

The project manager now has a few additional options that will help you manage your team and all past, current, and future projects!

  • Total hours for each individual
  • Project updates can be associated with tasks or tickets
  • Tasks can be associated with categories, and there is a new report available in the dropdown to show all tasks in a particular category


With the new updates to the calendar feature, you won’t forget any task, appointment, or engagement. Here are a few new additions:

  • New checkbox to reminder emails scheduled
  • Under calendar settings, you can now set custom booking event approval emails from Media Library for more personalization!

Email tracking by country

Find out exactly where your clicks are coming from under email tracking. No need to guess where in the world your leads are because this map allows you to gain that important demographic.

  • Countries and states are now clickable to see who clicked from that location


New event registration functionality

  • One step event registration for public events
  • You can set registration options and discounts for all, 1, 2, 3, or no guests. Automatic event will be sent to guests without RSVP.

Customized action for signup forms + new website signup forms

  • Custom action buttons now available
  • Three new website signup forms (Smart Green, Dark Knight, and Bubble Gum)

signup forms new

Author tags for blog RSS feeds

Gain more exposure and syndicate your blog wherever you want. Now, you can input author tags to optimize content and attribute it to the correct person.

authorship on blog screenshot


Website tracking - inbound URLs

  • Under website tracking > Pages and Scores, you can now see referring URLs for inbound clicks to your pages

inbound urls

Custom widget added to Dashboard

  • New custom widget option to make your own iframe based widget on the dashboard

custom dashboard widget

Import opportunities

You now have the ability to import your opportunities so you can bring over important sales data from any other platform.

Chrome Gmail Gadget 

The new Gmail gadget is here. You no longer need to go back and forth from your email to your CRM. Now you can work in the GreenRope CRM right from your Gmail account. 

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