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GreenRope & PieSync

Over the past year, the landscape of cloud applications has been growing strongly. By adopting multiple cloud applications to run your business on, you'll also be facing the growing issue of data integrity. When your applications don't communicate with each other, you are losing valuable customer data in each tool.

At GreenRope, we know that when people are using the best of breed application, data loss is inevitable. That's why we partnered up with PieSync to build a proper two-way, real-time contact synchronization solution between GreenRope and 140+ other applications ranging from CRMs, VOIP, Email Marketing applications, Support tools, Accounting and so on.

Meet PieSync

PieSync  gives you the ability to sync your contacts two-way in real time between your different business applications. This means that whenever a customer or lead contact is added or updated in one app, PieSync will make sure that this change is automatically reflected in the other applications.

Thanks to the intelligent syncing engine, PieSync can understand the structure of your business. You as the owner of the data will be in control every step of the way. PieSync will help you to break down data silos and guide you to make data-driven decisions with the richest, most up-to-date data.


  1. Create a true 360° customer and/or lead view

    Align customer audiences in all your SaaS applications so you know you’re working with the most up to date data.

  2. Syncs real-time, all the time

    Two-way sync is the best alternative to keep two records accurate and up-to-date instead of traditional workflow automation tools that push data when pre-defined triggers are set up.

  3. Consistent data across all your apps

    Surface relevant customer details from your customers and sync them 2-way all across your SaaS stack to streamline data and teams.

  4. Stop manual import/exports

    Use PieSync to sync your contacts data seamlessly into existing databases, never overwriting data, only enriching it. Stop spending time on data management and start focussing on what matters!

Connect GreenRope with PieSync

The PieSync sync engine works through an intuitive but simple 'if-this-then-that' condition logic. This allows the end-user to setup complex or more simple integration between their business applications.

  1. Create a free 14-day trial account at PieSync.


  2. Select GreenRope and another application.


  3. Authorise both applications

  4. Configure the integration by using the connection rules and field mappings.


  5. Start syncing.

PieSync connects over 140+ applications and is adding new ones every week! Need more help getting started? Contact us!

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