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Settings > Account where you specify the default email font and size, these styles will also be set in new Documents you create from scratch 


Communicate > EasyBuilder - updated template "Cityscape" and added new template "Cityscape 2"

Group Settings

Settings > Group - the logo for the group can replace the UI top left icon using a new checkbox under that logo setting in the Description panel 

Custom Objects 

Apps > Custom Objects > Search - search functionality remembers the "Show Results" checkbox settings for your session so you can keep coming back to a consistent checkbox setting


Contacts > Filters - new filter to find contacts who have responded to a survey


Dashboard - new custom widget to show user field values for shared access users 

Account Settings

Settings > Account > Invoices - there are now 5 checkboxes that allow you to determine the kinds of invoices you want to support - Quote, Invoice, Purchase Order and then 2 new ones, Proforma Invoice and Credit Note 

Settings > Account - new contact fields can be set as required


API - authorization tokens can be manually set to have an expiration after a specified number of seconds


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