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Five Reasons Digital Marketers Love Automation

In recent years, marketing automation has become very popular among businesses of all sizes. Digital marketers love it because it makes their life easier. By simplifying and streamlining their daily workload, marketing automation minimizes mindless labor, freeing up more time for marketers to create content and build relationships. When used correctly, marketing automation improves the customer experience by delivering relevant and personalized content in a timely fashion. The fact that three-quarters of online marketers are using automation to reach their customer base is evidence of the technology’s success.

Marketing automation has revolutionized the way businesses are able to connect with leads and clients. Automation has the ability to project size and sophistication, making brands look professional and established. Effective digital marketing improves the customer experience and drives engagement. The use of automation, in combination with digital marketing, streamlines the vital processes needed to grow your audience and nurture leads.



Which email are you more likely to open? The one addressed 'dear client,' or an email addressed with your name? Undoubtedly, the personalized message. People want to be acknowledged as more than just consumers. They prefer a personal touch. Manually addressing each email takes far too long to be a practical communication solution. But that’s where the beauty of automation comes in.

Personalization and dynamic data are two key facets of marketing automation. How do they work?

  • When a customer signs up for your email list or newsletter, they’ll submit their email address and other crucial information, such as their first and last name.
  • A new contact record is then created for that individual and their information is stored in your CRM database.
  • Marketing automation will pull this information from their record and address that customer by name, by filling in personalization placeholders at the start of each email.

Personalization can provide a human touch with almost zero effort on your part. All you need to do is strategically add the desired placeholders to your email template and hit send. Marketing automation will do the rest. When done correctly and not overdone, personalization will keep customers coming back for more.



Some leads are more qualified and responsive than others. Some people neurotically manage their inbox, reading every message that gets sent to them.  Others will read a couple emails every three months. Some leads are ready to convert, while others just don’t have the motivation or buying power to commit to any product. Using the power of CRM, you can segment your database into lists of contacts who share similar profiles or demographic information.

With a few clicks, criteria such as location, date joined, previous purchases, click-through rate, etc. can be used to create filter options, to deliver your content to the most receptive audience.

Benefits of Segmentation:

  • Offer special deals to the loyal clients who have lengthy purchase histories.
  • Target contacts with specific messages based on how they’ve interacted with previous messages in your campaign.
  • Sort out the duds by moving dead end leads into their own list.



By using automation, online marketers use less resources to accomplish more. The tireless hours spent manually creating lists, sending emails, and nurturing client relationships, can now be spent on big picture projects. Why waste your time on menial tasks when software can do it better?



Businesses are built on relationships. Leads want a brand they can trust. They want a brand that can consistently fulfill their needs, while requiring minimal effort on the customer’s end.  Offering informative literature, like a blog or newsletter, is a great way to build relationships with leads who aren’t quite ready to convert. By delivering the right content to the right audience, at the right time, businesses can more easily turn leads into conversions.

Automation nurtures leads by sending strategic series of emails, containing relevant and interesting content, to new contacts. These emails will begin building your relationship with potential clients, and make them more likely to become paying clients.

Benefits of Onboarding Campaigns: 

  • Limit the need for time-consuming phone calls, manual follow-up emails, and in-person visits
  • Keep your sales leads engaged and aware of your products and services
  • Can be easily modified team members
  • Generate up to 50% more leads using automation



Customer touchpoints are any interaction between your brand and a potential customer. These include emails, drip campaigns, MSM messages, surveys, and more. Using automation to strategically align touchpoints will improve the customer journey, increasing the likelihood for conversions. 

There’s a lot of reasons marketers love automation. If you're interested in learning how automation can benefit your business, contact GreenRope to to see how we can help your business.


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