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Don't make these business mistakes in 2020

What not to do in 2020 - Business DON’Ts to avoid in the new decade!


Whether you plan on saying Twenty-Twenty or Two Thousand Twenty, a new year in the newest decade means big changes in trends surrounding business. Falling back into old habits can be easy, but don’t worry, we are here to help make sure you don’t get stuck in the trend cycle of 2019


Here are our tips for what not to do in 2020! 


Don’t have a “wing it” attitude when it comes to your goal setting and strategy development. If you don’t know what you want out of your CRM, how will you accomplish anything? 

Things to think about:

  • What problem is your company experiencing? 
    • Are your new leads falling through the cracks when it comes to follow-up and retention? 
  • What are you currently doing to try to remedy the problem? 
    • Are you manually emailing or calling leads without reminders or tracking? 
  • What is your goal with CRM? 
    • Do you want to implement a better follow up process in order to close more leads?
  • What SHOULD you be doing to resolve the problem and reach your goal? 
    • Setup customer journey mapping with workflows and CRM activities to ensure no prospect falls through the cracks.

Goal setting can feel overwhelming at times. If you are having trouble coming up with some business goals for 2020 or need help stick to the goals you’ve established, check out this great article from The Balance Small Business


Don’t underestimate the power of the project manager. 

Delegate delegate delegate! A quality project manager allows you to create and track projects and tasks for your entire team across all departments. Now, you and your team can keep track of who’s doing what and when. Use the project manager for time management, contract billing, employee payroll, and so much more. For more tips on Collaboratively managing tasks, time, and billing with GreenRope’s project manager, click here.


Don’t clutter your contacts’ inboxes with mass email broadcasts.

Personalize personalize personalize! Email marketing is still a very powerful way to get your word out to consumers. However, consumers are wise to bulk messages. Personalizing your communication not only offers better customer experience but also leads to higher conversion rates. Tailored emails have been proven time and time again to perform significantly better than emails sent without personalization. Check out these 4 ways to get started with Personalization. Segmenting your lists goes hand in hand with personalization. Segmenting your contacts into specific groups allows you to personalize them more, leading to more engagement with your contacts in a more meaningful way. Learn how to segment and target your leads and customers here.  


Don’t just send any content to your contacts.

Creating high-quality content shows your readers that you put a lot of thought into your communication. Take time to create valuable content, tailored to your specific audience. Don’t skimp on what you send because your content is a direct reflection of your business. Take a look at some of these creative email samples created with GreenRope. Interested in a custom layout created for your company? Reach out to our Creative Design Team anytime! 


Don’t underestimate the power of video content. 

In 2020 video content is at the forefront of popular marketing tactics. Adding videos to your content can drastically increase audience engagement. Did you know that adding the word “video” to your subject line can actually boost your open rate by 13% and improves conversions by 21%? However, there is a downside to adding video directly to the content of your emails. Many ISPs and receiving servers will filter emails with videos or remove the video from the content completely before delivering it, or worse, bounce the email back based on content. We have a great compromise that creates a win-win, use a snapshot of the video as an image that links directly to your video. This will ensure your delivery rates are not impacted by adding a video while also giving you the benefits that adding a video can provide to your readers. 


Don’t leave your website out of the update loop. 

Your brand is important and your website is often your first impression. Updating your site content by making it more interactive and engaging will increase your lead generation and in turn, increase your conversion rates.In the coming year website visitors want to see more video content. Interviews, recorded webinars, tips & tutorials, funny cat videos, the list goes on and on and the video possibilities are endless. Add a sales/support chat option to your site. Chat is not only a great way to engage with your site visitors but is often looked at as the path of least resistance and can be the option that wins over new clients and keeps existing clients happy and coming back. Take a look at how to generate 40% more leads with website chat. When designing your website there are a few key components you should consider, such as color scheme, layout, functionality, and more. Click here to read more about the 5 elements we don’t want you to forget when creating your site. Still having a hard time with your design? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Take a look at examples of sites our Create Design Team has created for our clients and to contact them for further information on how we can help you move forward in 2020 with the website design of your dreams! 


Don’t be so blinded by the glitz of 2020 that you forget to update old information. 

If you have made new goals in 2020 chances are you’re making improvements throughout your business. Are you posting blogs or tutorials? Have you made process updates that affect your consumers? Be sure that you update previously posted information to make it fresh again. This is especially true for your website content, by going through old articles and pages and making current updates you may see an increase in organic rankings which in turn can lead to more website traffic and new customers! Here are 7 benefits of updating old content that is a must read, I especially like the part about comparing old content to wine! 


Don’t let hackers outsmart you in 2020! 

Every year cyber criminals get smarter, and in 2020 it is that much more important that you keep your cyber footprint to a minimum. Make sure you are not only keeping your own information safe, but your clients’ data as well. The number one way to do this is by using a trusted and secure CRM such as GreenRope! Check out these 25 Cyber Security Tips brought to you by GreenRope’s support team. 


Don’t delay in taking advantage of our higher learning offer.

GreenRope University’s Certification Program is currently available to all active clients at NO COST (a $1000 value). Click here to discover why getting certified will benefit you and your business along with how to get started. 



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