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May 2020 System Updates

Every month we add new features and updates to the GreenRope system based on your feedback. 

Here are all the updates and new features we added in May: 


Invoice Updates: 

Multiple quotes & invoices per opportunity

When creating and managing opportunities associated with contacts you can now attach multiple quotes and invoices to each individual opportunity. 



Invoice design update 

We’ve streamlined the invoices sent from your account. The content is now centered, we’ve removed the auto-generated header and footer text ("invoice prepared for you from group name"), updated color scheme, update date format, and it now uses the default email font from Account Settings.



Invoice Tracking 

When tracking your invoice, you can see who clicked to view an invoice even if no payment transaction is confirmed. 



Library Updates: 

Private Label Domain Viewing

If you have a private labeled domain defined in your Media Library, you will now be able to see private labeled domain when viewing links/URLs to media saved in your Media Library. 

Document Signing 

Document signing now appends a history page to the back of the permanent PDF that includes the sender and recipient read and signature date/time and IP address. 



Emailer Updates: 

New Image Loader Settings

WYSIWYG Editor - Image loader - added ability to create a new folder, new settings for border radius & thickness, fixed sorting and layout.



New Footer Design 

You can see exactly what the footer will look like when selecting a Link Style (Communicate > Emailer > Footer). Remember, when previewing your content the placeholder will not be replaced until the email has been sent. To see any custom placeholder in action simply send yourself a test email.  



Ticket Updates: 

Transferring tickets 

Need to transfer a ticket to another contact? Start by going to Apps > Ticketing > locate the ticket you wish to transfer and select “View Updates”. Now that you are on the update page, click “Transfer Ticket” to enter the email address of the person you wish to transfer the ticket to. 



Opportunity Updates: 

Opportunity Awareness

In your Account Settings > Settings, there is the new option to set the opportunity awareness. You can choose whether shared access users can see other opportunities associated with the same contacts and companies here.

If you choose "Users only see their own opportunities", users will not be able to see the opportunities managed by other users when looking at contact details.

If you choose "Users see all their contacts' opportunities", users can view and edit all opportunities associated with any contact they have access to.

Power Users will always have full access to all opportunities.



Completed Activities List

Contacts > View > Opportunities > List - In the far right column on the table shows the latest completed activity and the next upcoming activity.



Currency compatibility 

Opportunities support different currencies for each opportunity created. 



Contact Updates: 

Recurring CRM Activities Chart 

View your recurring CRM activities in chart form by going to Contacts > Reports > CRM Activities > select Recurring CRM activities.  



Name Import 

When importing your lists you can add a header titled “Name” and it will automatically parse "Lastname, Firstname" format. 



Forecasting Charts 

Get a 10 day and long-term forecasting report with charted information to help guide you to a successful future by going to Contacts > Reports > Opportunities. Select any of the forecasting charts to see potential closed deals and revenue.



Removing Conversion Tracking Data

A new option on the Attribution tab of the Contact’s profile allows you to remove all records of website and conversion tracking data (for GDPR / CCPA compliance). 



Custom Objects Updates:  

Enum Data Type 

Enum data type will show a blank option. 



Journeys Updates:

Contact Progress

Better journey reporting is now available. View All Contacts moving through your journeys, or just select the contacts within a specific group (the group you are currently working in).

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 5.29.19 PM.png


Exporting Journey Contacts 

The contacts listed in the journey dialog box can be exported if export permission has been granted to the user and the account owner has approved it.

Immediately Activating a Workflow on Read/Click Action

Want to activate a workflow on a read/click associated with sending a journey related email? Now you can by going to Journeys > Actions > Send Email - new option to automatically activate a workflow on read/click.



Workflow Updates: 

Audio Customization 

Audio message campaigns can customize the text-to-speech after audio responses have been gathered. These audio message campaigns can set responses to only look for keypad number presses or a single keypad number press.


Wiki Updates: 

Public Shareable Links

New link shows when looking at a wiki topic that creates a public shareable link that only shows the topic in that branch in navigation.



Print Function 

We’ve added a new print option to all private or public wiki pages. 





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