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The GreenRope support team continuously ranks #1 among competitors

Here at GreenRope, we take support VERY seriously. We consider ourselves your partner in business, here to help every step of the way.

A GreenRope subscription gives you full access to all Sales, Marketing, and Operations features. Everything is always included at any subscription level

  • Free 24/7 LIVE support. No robots, always responsive.
  • Multiple ways to reach out. Live chat, ticketing, email, phone, or social. We’re there where it’s convenient for you.
  • Full onboarding program, one-on-one training for your team. We take our time to make sure you get the job done. Additional custom training available.
  • Knowledgeable GreenRope experts. If we don’t have the answer right away, we will always get it for you.
  • Dependable and persistent. We won’t stop until you’ve accomplished what you need to do.

Ian Cuatico, Customer Service Director

A unique feature that doesn't get the credit it deserves is our awesome dashboard! By simply signing onto GreenRope, a summary of your sales, marketing, and operational efforts are readily available. I enjoy that these dashboards are completely customizable and that you can select which charts and data are easily and immediately available on your home page. It’s great to look at all of your account’s activity in one place.

Picture of Ian Cuatico

Hunter Ricci, Client Services Manager

I always enjoy using Customer Journey feature! It's a simple, intuitive feature with intelligent marketing capabilities. This feature allows for an endless amount of unique customer journeys, tailor fit to each customer based off their interactions with your brand. It's visual display is beautiful, fun and makes the feature easy to understand. Predicated on the realization that 'one size doesn't fit all,' Customer Journey Mapping brings the customer experience into the twenty first century.

My favorite part GreenRope is support is being able to help small businesses amplify their reach through marketing automations and organizational tools. Being able to enable small business success adds purpose to my daily grind.

Hunter Ricci Picture

Vickie Reilly, Client Services Manager

My favorite GreenRope feature is the ability to have unlimited User-Defined Fields. This acknowledges that every business is unique and offers our clients a chance to really make GreenRope their own.

I love being part of this GreenRope support team because we are all focused on giving our users the best experience possible. It’s great to see the positive teamwork involved in meeting that goal, and to know that you will have the full force of GreenRope to help solve issues. Everyone at GreenRope is effectively a support person!

Picture of Vickie Reily

Melissa Filich, GreenRope Certification Program Manager

My favorite GR feature is the Learning Management System! The LMS allows you to create a customized online course for your contacts and/or employees for anything from onboarding to certification training! Interested in GreenRope’s Certification Program that utilizes our very own LMS? Contact me!

I love being part of this team because it is a type of family, each of us helps one another and a lot of teamwork goes into every aspect of the system. We push each other to be better and everyone is passionate about the success of our clients and the success of GreenRope.

Melissa Filich

Nour Sankary, Client Advocacy Manager

I enjoy using GreenRope, especially as a Marketer, I noticed the benefits of using the journey for different kinds of leads and nurturing clients. The journey has several tabs like action which gives you the ability to start workflows and send emails, decisions that direct where the contact goes based on many variables, and delays to space out your next action. It’s amazing how you can customize the route you want to deal with clients in a very smart way. That will provide any company with the ability to take the action depending on the action took by the client to reach the max of getting the right client and source them in the matching funnel.

Nour Sankary

Lisa Frampton, Client Services Manager

My favourite feature of GreenRope is A/B testing in Website Tracking. It is a very useful feature for tracking our landing page performance and simple to use. It is important to keep reviewing landing page performance stats in order to improve and adapt, and this feature helps us do so.

The best part about being on the support team is the satisfaction gained from helping customers. It is nice to know I am on a support team with people who really care and want to do their best to help customers use the system to its full potential.

Lisa Frampton

Valentina Voloshyna, Client Services Manager

It is difficult to say what is my best feature of GreenRope as there are plenty of them. I like that we have lots of automation. Such as workflows, drip campaigns and so on. I fall in love with the Guide me’ button as it makes using the platform quite easier. Ability to have unlimited UDF is great as it allows to gather so many information about the client in one place. I am sure I will find lots of interesting in GreenRope during my work here.

I am grateful to be the part of such a great team, to get to know such great, supportive and knowledgeable people, who are always willing to help and do their best for the customer and for the whole our team.

Valentina Voloshyna

Testimonial quote

Hi Lars,

I just wanted to reach out to you and discuss one of your employees Ian Cuatico. Our company had a few errors on our account. Ian handled the situation beautifully. He was professional and attentive to our issues. I know you are the CEO of Greenrope and that is why I wanted to reach out about the wonderful experience I had with him. Ian was patient in explaining everything as he helped me fix the issue on our account. Thank you for having employees like Ian on your team, it made my experience with Greenrope extremely positive and educational as I now have a better understanding of how to navigate Greenrope.

I hope this reaches you because I think you would love to know that customers are having great service!

All My Best,

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