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CRM people

We are strategists, developers, marketers, technology gurus, and people who believe in helping you succeed. But, most of all, we are one unit, one team, and one family who works together to listen, create, and partner with inspiring businesses around the world. Meet our team.

Lars Helgeson,

GreenRope's CEO is an accomplished speaker and writer, and his passion is helping small businesses and nonprofits. In his spare time, Lars loves taking Little Buddy for long walks, surfing, snowboarding, and playing ice hockey. Learn more on his bio page.

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A letter from our Founder

Bjorn de Boer,

Bjorn is the Chief Operating Officer and makes sure that everything gets done as well as keeping his associates and our clients happy. He enjoys his family, learning and creating, playing bass, cycling, fishing and Baja Mexico.

Lyle Hopkins,

Lyle is the Chief Technology Officer and oversees all development in the company. He is a dedicated student, spending much of his spare time studying- When he isn't studying, he's teaching kickboxing.

Alessandra Gyben,
Marketing and Implementation Director

Alessandra manages the day-to-day efforts of the marketing team. She specializes in content marketing, social media, lead nurturing and marketing automation process. Alessandra has been with GreenRope for over 7 years. She currently lives in the Reno/Tahoe area, enjoys skiing and other outdoor activities when she isn't working on new and creative marketing strategies.

Matt Stewart,
Sales Manager

Matt is one of our Sales Managers and helps introduce the GreenRope platform to potential incoming/excited new clients. He loves sports and is a big Seattle Seahawks fan. He also enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Ryan Bahl,
Creative Director

Ryan's day-to-day operations include managing all creative aspects, website and UI/UX development. When he's not working Ryan is off playing hockey somewhere and trying not to lose any teeth.

Kim Campbell,
Staff Accountant

Kim is GreenRope’s Accountant and manages the daily financial operations of the company. She brings 25 years of Accounting experience to the GreenRope team. In her free time she enjoys being surrounded with family and friends. Some of her favorite things are keeping up with her four daughters, going to concerts/festivals, Disneyland and absolutely loves anything Hawaii - waterfalls, sunrises and sunsets!

Ian Cuatico,
Education and Success Manager

Ian has been part of the GreenRope team supporting clients and working closely to ensure that every client is successful in using the platform, as an advocate and now Director of Services. Ian enjoys strategizing the best methods to get the job done! A strong background in advocacy roles and success roles and a well rounded positive attitude allows Ian to keep an upbeat role with us.

Madison Potter,
Marketing and Implementation Coordinator

With a background in Marketing, Madison is passionate about how utilizing the right tools will strengthen your brand and attract the right clients. Solving complex problems is always a welcomed challenge. Her consultative approach and diverse platform knowledge helps boost confidence and usability among our clients and team.

Diana Kohan,
Client Services Manager/EMEA Sales

Diana is a Client Services Manager and loves to help people and make them happy. She graduated with an honours degree in International Management from the Belarusian State University. She enjoys dancing, swimming and spending time with her big family. She has a special ability to mirror write.

Hunter Ricci,
Client Services Manager

Hunter is one of our Client Services Managers. He has a strong interest in branding and creative problem solving. Hunter hopes to pursue a Master's of Business Administration within the coming years.

Valentina Voloshyna,
Client Services Manager

Valentina leads a healthy and active lifestyle. She goes to the gym three times a week and for 7 years has practiced martial arts. She enjoys going for walks and riding bikes. She likes art too. She often visits theatres, cinemas, and attends concerts. She is interested in mental development and does so by reading. She adores travelling and it helps to broaden her horizons.

Vickie Reilly,
Client Services Manager

Vickie has a solid background in software support and training, as well as technical writing. She focuses on the best ways to explain software functionality. She enjoys spending time with her family in San Diego and Nashville and loves live music. Although she has her own dogs at home, she still enthusiastically greets every single dog she encounters. Doggo!

Virginia Garcia,
Client Services Manager

Virginia is the newest member of the GreenRope Family. She has a strong background in customer service and management. She is quick and eager to learn just about anything that is thrown at her, and when she is not working she is immersed in all different forms of art with her cat.

Melissa Filich,
GreenRope Certification Program Manager

Melissa has been with CoolerEmail since 2005. In that time she has held different titles but client support has always been her priority, helping clients with all aspects of their accounts.

Alexis Scott,
Marketing Assistant

As the marketing assistant loves to assist in bringing ideas and visions to life to share with the world through creative strategy and visuals. Lover of music that moves her soul, unforgettable food, Alexis also loves to find her flow in reading or writing. She loves to spend time with her family and travel to new corners of the world. With nine years of customer service experience, over five years of sales experience, and three years of marketing experience, she is dedicated to providing a genuine client experience through her consistent effort to uniquely represent their brand and creatively bridge the gaps of opportunity.

Jill Dimel,
ISP Relations Manager

ISP Relations Manager by day, soccer mom by night. Jill specializes in getting emails delivered to the inbox and kids delivered to the soccer fields!

Tom Suchy,
Software Developer
RIP (1972 - 2020)

Tom Suchy was a highly valued developer at GreenRope. Tom developed systems and automated tech operations at GreenRope. Music permeated Tom's work - his metrics set the tempo, his servers created the rhythm, his automation played the chords that drove the melody of his code. When he wasn't doing development or operations, he had a love for fiction or playing guitar and fretless bass. Tom's contribution to GreenRope will never be forgotten and his influence forever remains as an integral part of it. RIP Tom Suchy.

Todd Wade,
Software Developer

Todd started at GreenRope in January 2014 as part of the mobile and backend development teams. He has been building web apps for over 10 years. Perl programming is not only his career, but his hobby as well. He has attended 7 YAPC conferences to date and participates in the local and global perl communities. His other hobbies include visiting local dog parks with their family dog and attending family community events.

Anderson Manly,
Software Developer

Anderson manages systems and software at GreenRope, specializing in Linux systems administration and Perl software development. He currently resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and is a long-time resident of Washington state. Anderson has a passion for aviation, and has a love of all things that fly. He holds a pilot certificate and, along with his two sons, travels across the country, visiting new and interesting places along the way. Anderson’s a cat person, but we don’t hold that against him.

Brandon Gaerlan,
Software Developer

Brandon Lee Gaerlan graduated from San Jose State University last year and majored in Software Engineering. He is a semi-polygot and can speak 5 different languages (Fluent in 3) currently learning Korean. He likes to play the piano in his free time and also likes to teach himself about the latest tech there is.

Little Buddy,
Human Resources


Are you interested in joining our team? Email careers@greenrope.com with your resume.

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