What is Complete CRM?

Complete CRM is a new category of software that integrates sales, marketing, customer service, and operations into one single database. It allows you to gain a 360-degree view of both your customers and your business without having to pay for or integrate multiple third party systems. Compete CRM takes the hassle out of technology management, and delivers a simple, yet powerful way to grow your business.

World’s First Complete CRM

GreenRope is the industry leader in Complete CRM, and is known as the world’s first Complete CRM system. With sales, marketing, customer service, and operations built into one single database, you gain a complete understanding of your business, performance metrics, and growth. All the tools your team needs to manage and execute strategies are in one place, alleviating the need for additional third-party platforms. This is what we call ‘complete’.

With Complete CRM, your entire team logs into one platform. Each employee is given specific access & permissions to the data and features they need to perform their jobs effectively. With each team member logging into and working in one system, you increase collaboration, accountability, and transparency within your organization.

What is Complete CRM

Complete CRM

Complete CRM Gives You the Competitive Edge

Complete CRM allows you to tie together your departments creating a cohesive, data-driven customer experience that enables you to stand above the competition. With all of your tools built into one system, you spend less time piecing together data, and more time using it to drive better strategies. From visual, drag-and-drop customer journey building to complete pipeline management and customer service tracking, your team has all the data readily available at their fingertips to deliver our your value proposition.

Save on Total Cost of Ownership and Boost Your ROI

On average, GreenRope users save over 90% total cost of ownership. What does this mean? This means that investing in a complete system alleviates the necessity of investing in multiple software applications, saving you both time and money. For example, with Complete CRM, you no longer need to invest in a CRM, a marketing automation platform, a customer service desk, etc. All of these tools are already built right into GreenRope. One monthly subscription, one system for all of your business needs.

Why GreenRope

As a privately held company, GreenRope is able to develop new features quickly, giving clients the edge they need to stay competitive in today’s business environment. All of our features are built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. Through countless conversations with our users, we are able to build the most feature-rich platform that business actually want to use.

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