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Defining Complete CRM

Sales Opportunities

Stay on top of your leads and give yourself the best chance of winning deals with Opportunities. GreenRope wants your team to be prepared for every lead that progresses through your funnel, until they are eventually a long-lasting client. The Opportunities portion of the CRM empowers salespeople to forecast deals, set custom phases, and track with a multitude of detailed graphs and charts. Setting up an opportunity is a simple process, but also allows the salesperson to customize how the opportunity will look in terms of products, and which phases will be available.

Automation is deeply embedded throughout the platform, and Opportunities are no different. As leads move through each custom phase, a workflow can be set to trigger for that contact. The workflow can contain a customized email that gets sent to the contact, or a followup CRM activity set for a sales manager. Workflows are highly customizable just like your business, so you can easily make them perform tedious tasks, and free up your team’s time to become more productive.

Sales opportunities with GreenRope CRM

Opportunity Paths

In most cases, the different products that you sell require a different sales process. This is where Opportunity Paths are useful. Opportunity Paths are a subset of the phases that are defined in your account. Take a look at this sales process for example:

  • Initial conversation
  • Lead qualification
  • Detailed design specification
  • Writing proposal
  • Proposal evaluation
  • Closed (Deal Won/Lost)

Opportunity Phases in GreenRope clearly define each step of the way in your lead's journey to becoming your customer. GreenRope gives you the ability to define as many, or as little, phases as you wish - catering to your business' sales process.

Sales opportunitiy check list

Opportunity Checklists

Each phase of an opportunity can have an associated checklist of items. Checklists are useful because they ensure that everybody in the sales team is on the same page.

For example, if you have documents that need to be signed before proceeding to the next step of the sales process, the checklist feature is useful because it eliminates the need to communicate back and forth via email threads, chats, or other channels of communication. See exactly where each deal stands.

Sales Opportunity Tracking

After the initial CRM opportunity for a contact has been created, a whole wealth of ways to track and analyze opportunities become available. The salesperson can view:

  • Long range forecasts
  • Percentage of deals closed
  • See which products in which leads are interested

The Opportunities section of the CRM will become a daily hub to track all possible deals in the funnel. Not only do each of the graphs and charts give the salesperson a useful overview, they have clickable elements that drill down that specific opportunity for a more detailed view.

Immersing your business with CRM opportunities in GreenRope is the best and most efficient way to evaluate potential deals and eventually closing at a higher rate.

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