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GreenRope’s Integrations

Integrations to help your business

Connect Shopify & GreenRope to improve the e-commerce experience

Use our integration with Shopify to automate the shopping experience for new customers, orders, abandoned carts, and more.

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Streamline your payment processing with Stripe!

GreenRope integrates with Stripe so you can collect payments and manage all transactions right from within your account!

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UK Companies House Integration

If you do business in the UK, you'll get access to publicly-available information about the companies in your CRM. Just enter the company number into the contact record, and we'll take care of the rest, importing relevant data with the click of a button.

Towerdata Integration

Append demographic data about contacts automatically with signup forms, individually on demand when viewing a contact record, or for large groups of contacts. We also perform a reputation check on people filling out your forms to minimize noise from bots or spammers, so you can focus on the leads and clients that matter.

24/7 Live Website Chat Service - Collect Leads While you Sleep!

Fully staffed live website chat service that turns your visitors into qualified leads. Juvo Leads sends qualified chat leads directly into your GreenRope dashboard.

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Managing your conference calls & webinars is easy with GreenRope & Zoom

Automatically sync your meetings, add contacts, and automate more of your business when you connect GreenRope and Zoom.

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Collecting online payments is easy with GreenRope & Paypal

We make it easy for those using PayPal to manage their transactions in GreenRope. Connecting your everyday apps should be easy!

Create custom integrations with GreenRope’s API

Streamline the way your apps talk to each other with GreenRope’s API. Build a connected customer experience & simplify the way you work.

Easily collect and track payments with Authorize.net

Managing your payment process is not easier than ever with our integration. Whether you have a physical store or an online presence, you’re safe with GreenRope & Authorize.net

Accept Global Payments with GreenRope & BlueSnap

Seamlessly and securely collect payments from around the world in multiple currencies when you connect GreenRope and BlueSnap. This fully integrated solution helps you increase conversions and drive global sales.

Connect the Apps you use everyday through Zapier

GreenRope's Zapier integration lets you create Zaps to connect your most frequently used apps. With Zapier, you can easily add new contacts into GreenRope to trigger workflows, drip campaigns, and much more.

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Integrate online chat with your CRM for better customer service

GreenRope's integration with Olark allows you to install a live chat system on your website, which synchronizes directly with your CRM.

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Our CRM WordPress analytics plugin lets you easily track your WordPress website in GreenRope

Power your website's analytics with GreenRope's tracking features. In addition, get full access to our latest blog posts via our RSS feed that accompanies the GreenRope plugin.

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Automate your Magento eCommerce with GreenRope

Do you use Magento for your ecommerce? If so, take your ecommerce even further with the new GreenRope-Magento integration through Zapier.

Access your contacts and activities using GreenRope’s Gmail Add-On

Are you a Gmail user? If so, GreenRope has the add-on for you. Why move between platforms when you can work in one, and view all of the data you need?

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Email in peace with GreenRope’s SendForensics integration

Experience the best email deliverability in the business. With SendForensics, you get realtime, preemptive analysis for all of your campaigns. We make sure that no spam leaves our system, keeping you safe, and your emails clear of any potential issues.

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Automate your print campaigns with Postalytics

Every successful integrated marketing strategy should include print. Print remains an effective way to reach, attract and convert your leads and keep your customers engaged. 56% of all consumers trust print marketing more than any other advertising method. Our partnerships with Postalytics and Thankster give you total personalization and automation with your online and offline campaigns.

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Contact research done by FullContact

Your GreenRope account comes with automatic contact research on public-facing forms, providing you with instant data in your CRM about your contacts. This research is FREE and includes social media information, photos, interests, and more.

e-Hawk integration by GreenRope

e-hawk is a cloud-based platform that performs thousands of risk checks in real-time using big data and advanced analytics, providing insight into who or what is lurking around your website. Any business with a signup form has no doubt seen fraudulent signups or bots come through, and it is e-hawk’s mission to research and notify businesses of these fraudulent activities.

Accounting is Easy With GreenRope's Intuit QuickBooks Plugin

If you use a desktop version of Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software, you can now synchronize your data with GreenRope.

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Get more out of your data with the Evernote-GreenRope integration

Evernote's notepad and business card scanning capabilities can now feed directly into your GreenRope account. Using this free new integration, you will be able to match and sync notes from your Evernote account directly into a specific contact's detailed profile in GreenRope.

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