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Integrate Shopify and GreenRope to automate the customer shopping experience

Automatically add new customers to GreenRope, sync purchase history, and trigger personalized customer experiences.

Shopify + GreenRope

GreenRope integrates with Shopify, so you can easily sync data between the two platforms. Our integration works using Zapier on the backend. Once you have a Zapier account, and have set up your Zaps, all you have to do is connect your Shopify account, and define which triggers you’d like to automate with GreenRope. It’s really that simple!

Shopify Integration

Automate more with Shopify & GreenRope

The GreenRope/Shopify integration helps tie your business processes together and streamline the shopping experience. When someone purchases an item from your store or puts an item in their cart, you need a way to track their behavior and engage with that customer. GreenRope solves this problem.

What you can automate with Shopify & GreenRope:

Shopify + GreenRope Integration

  • New customer data
  • New order follow ups & targeted customer journeys
  • Purchase history
  • Segmentation based on purchase history
  • Abandoned cart follow ups
  • Customized emails with personalized shopping cart URLs
  • Time-saving workflows

When you connect your Shopify e-commerce experience to GreenRope, you expand the ways you can connect with your customers. Automatically send thank-you emails, cart reminders, review requests, and more.

GreenRope is a cost-effective solution to syncing your Shopify data and increasing your customer loyalty and conversions over time.

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