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What do our customers think of our software?

Craig Shallahamer,
President & Founder

Awesome! I am so blown away that you folks are actually listening and doing something about it. Not 6 months from now. But right away, which is when I need these features! You’re making the GR platform much stronger, especially for businesses that operate like mine.

Shanda Escoto,

"I sure wish I had GreenRope available to me years ago. GreenRope simply blows away the other programs I've seen. I'm so glad I've been able to eliminate Aweber, Survey Monkey, and BaseCamp and streamline my business!"

Nicolo Becucci,

"We have been using GreenRope for our website and Customer Relationship Management for a few years now and find it extremely helpful and user friendly, not to mention cost effective in compared to competitors. Sending our monthly and weekly event advertisements has never been easier, all while being able to post directly to our website and social media from one dashboard."

Dr. Kyle Tetz,

"GreenRope has enabled my chiropractic practice to effectively put in place a marketing campaign and educate my patients with personalized monthly wellness newsletters. Within in minutes, I can easily design a professional newsletter and monitor my campaign by using GreenRope's tracking system. I routinely use GreenRope to stay in touch with my clients by sending welcome letters, thank you notes and birthday cards. In the past, I have outsourced my marketing campaigns, but nothing has been easier to use and more cost effective than GreenRope."

Sue Prelozni,

"GreenRope has been an incredibly effective CRM tool for Sustainable Surplus. This is such an all-encompassing program that has the capacity to grow with the organization. Its technical support staff is very responsive! We have new sign-ups almost every day and we definitely benefit from the ability to track our results of our online campaigns. By gauging website page visits, GreenRope helps us understand our visitor’s interests."

Dr. Scott Velazquez,

"By simplifying and streamlining many of our basic business operations and marketing (such as our web site, contact management, and email marketing), GreenRope has allowed V Corp to concentrate on its core business of developing advanced mathematical algorithms for “beyond state-of-the-art” performance in next-generation electronics and communications systems. Since using GreenRope, V Corp has nearly doubled its year-to-date revenue with an increasing number of new prospects in the pipeline."

Barbara Cavanaugh,

"First of all, thanks for helping us get our information into GreenRope. It is fantastic! Thanks again, this is so much easier than any other CRM. Plus, we really appreciate all of the support."

Andrea Hill,

"Would it be weird to say I love you guys? Thank you!!!"

Gary Ware,
Vice President

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Sean McDaniel,

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Julien Brandt,

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Mel Keyes,

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