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Improving Long-Term Deliverability: Updates to Our Bounce Handling System

Improving Long-Term Deliverability: Updates to Our Bounce Handling System

At GreenRope, we are committed to continuously enhancing our services to ensure our customers have the best possible experience while using our platform. That’s why we are so excited to share some important updates regarding our bounce handling process, which is aimed at providing better long-term deliverability for all future broadcasts.

Why Bounce Handling Matters

Bounce handling plays a crucial role in email marketing. It involves managing and categorizing emails that are undeliverable for various reasons. These undeliverable emails are typically classified into two categories: "Hard Bounces" and "Soft Bounces."

  • Hard Bounces: Hard bounces, also referred to as bounce types A & B, occur when emails cannot be delivered due to permanent issues such as an invalid email address or a closed mailbox. Handling hard bounces efficiently is essential for maintaining a healthy sender reputation and ensuring that your emails reach their intended recipients.
  • Soft Bounces: Soft bounces, also referred to as bounce types C,D, and U, are temporary issues, like a full inbox or a server being down. These emails can be retried in subsequent campaigns and are less critical for sender reputation management.

Our System Enhancement

To enhance your email marketing experience and improve long-term deliverability, we are implementing changes to our bounce handling system. These changes will impact how we categorize and handle certain types of bounces in your CRM.

Specifically, you may notice a temporary spike in Bounce As in your broadcasts. This increase in bounced emails will be the result of our system converting certain non-deliverable contacts into bounced contacts in your CRM. Please rest assured that these changes will only affect policy-related bounces.

How This Benefits You

While a temporary spike in bounced emails might seem concerning, it's important to understand that these changes are designed with your long-term deliverability in mind. By accurately categorizing and managing bounces, we aim to:

  1. Improve Sender Reputation: Accurately handling hard bounces helps maintain a positive sender reputation, increasing the chances of your emails landing in the inbox rather than the spam folder.
  2. Enhance Deliverability: With better bounce handling, you can expect improved email deliverability rates, ensuring that your messages reach your intended audience.
  3. Efficient CRM Management: Converting non-deliverable contacts to bounced in your CRM allows for more precise tracking and management of your email lists, helping you maintain a clean and engaged subscriber base.

What You Need to Do

As a valued member of the GreenRope community, there's nothing you need to do proactively. We do not recommend you reset bounces during this time as our team is working diligently to implement these changes seamlessly. You can continue to use our platform as usual, and the updates will be automatically applied to your email campaigns. 

We appreciate your trust in us as your email marketing partner, and we're excited about the positive impact these changes will have on your campaigns. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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