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The Key to Deepening Customer Relationships


By Tatiana Ceresa

It goes without saying that customer relationship management deepens and expands the knowledge we have of every contact. However, the future of customer relationship management depends on a richer, more complete view of customers and their interactions with your brand. GreenRope recently partnered with VoiceBase, an on demand voice search and transcription platform which provides our customers with data previously unavailable. Why is this important, you ask? Well, for a few reasons:


1.  Connects valuable spoken information (keywords) to CRM records

The opinions, concerns and buzzwords that prospects  mention during a call can now be attached to that specific opportunity. The analysis of this data allows one to track the sales progress, or produce a forecast with much greater accuracy. Gain insights into real conversations about what people are looking  for and value most from your customers.


2.  Adds more in-depth information to predictive analytics

By indexing the keywords from every call we provide our predictive analytics platform with more accurate data to improve results. These types of results will allow customers to better gauge who is more likely to convert to the next step in the purchasing cycle, or what is the best method to engage with each prospect.


3.  Helps brands understand and serve their customers

The only way to effectively communicate and engage your target market is to understand who they are, what they say, and where they come from. VoiceBase seamlessly transcribes Twilio recordings so you can quickly scan for useful information about each of your leads and customers as well as store important conversations, which are accessible at any point.


4.  Provides valuable data for marketing and sales strategies

VoiceBase’s indexing capabilities gives marketers another method of gathering valuable information. The combination of sales and marketing automation is a complimentary and successful pairing. By making the keyword analysis from sales calls available to marketing teams, our customers can reap twice the benefits. VoiceBase also helps to identify customer concerns and pain points as a way to effectively plan upcoming marketing campaigns.  


5.  Saves time

Lastly, VoiceBase transcriptions save time because you no longer have to take notes during a phone call – it’s all right in the contact record! VoiceBase’s simple integration with GreenRope’s CRM platform to transcribe audio calls is key to deepening the customer-brand relationship. Just like using Olark for chat support, call transcription records full conversations so sales people and customer support can better understand a contact’s pain points, priorities, and frustrations.

The future of CRM depends on technologies like VoiceBase. This important access to your customer interactions will allow you to increase trust and most importantly, customer loyalty. 


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