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Meet Human Resource Manager, Little Buddy. 

Little Buddy (LB) has been with GreenRope since he was just a wee pup. LB has a paw in many different aspects of GreenRope, including team morale building, employee relations management, and new hire interviewing. LB takes his position at GreenRope very seriously, having never missed a day at the office! The entire team relies on LB to be successful. When he isn’t overseeing meetings and helping to run a successful global remote team, he can often be found begging for belly rubs or playing tug-of-war. 


Here are a few surprising things you didn’t know about Human Resource Manager, Little Buddy 


1. He loves to go to the beach and roll in the sand

2. Nothing beats chewing on his favorite no-hide chew stick

3. Taking long walks means making sure no bush goes un-marked

4. He great at playing hide and go seek in the house

5. Jumping on the bed in the morning and snuggle with his dad is one of his favorite morning rituals

6. He’s all about The art of tug-of-war

7. Starting his morning with a sunbathe on the balcony in the morning makes sure he is set for the day

8. Showing his ‘good boy’ sit and getting a treat puts a smile on his face

9. He’s always there to assist in case any steak is unwanted and needs to be eaten

10. His top job? He keeps his daddy from working too much by insisting on playtime every couple of hours



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