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6 Benefits of Marketing Automation

An in depth treatment of the relationship between Complete CRM and marketing automation. 


A not so long time ago in an industry dear to you...

For a long time powerful corporate entities, with seemingly infinite capital, have dominated the commercial landscape. Technology was expensive, overly complex, and difficult for small businesses to adopt. 

Sales seers and marketing mystics foretold of the emergence of a technology that could level the playing field, letting small businesses grow and scale in ways never before imagined. They called this legendary tech Complete CRM. It was told that this platform would yield maximum ROI, offering equal parts affordability and scalability, and that it would draw it’s awesome strength from the seemingly infinite power of integration.

For decades, small and medium size business owners sought this holy grail of marketing, scouring the depths of the Internet to no avail. Then, in 2008, it revealed itself to an enlightened few. They spread the word of the arrival a superior marketing platform, and in time the movement began to spread like wildfire. SMBs across the globe cast aside their shackles, experiencing unprecedented growth and prosperity.

But while some were relieved from the burden of overpriced, ineffective software, others still clung their old ways, misled by deceptive ads and their own cynical beliefs.    


The Tenets of Complete CRM 

  • Marketing, sales, and operational capabilities are united is a single platform, uninterrupted by limited subscription models.
  • Has integrative capabilities that make data from all aspects of your business easily accessible to the right people. This level of integration means diverse data across your entire account can be utilized to enhance your marketing and sales automation.
  • By condensing all your important data into a single, digital location Complete CRM offers you a 360-degree view of your contacts and your business.

Leads are the lifeblood of private enterprise. Since time immemorial, small and medium size business owners have sought the holy grail of marketing: a self sustaining platform that can consistently find ready-to-buy leads and nurture them through your funnel, for a negligible cost. Complete CRM offers businesses just that and more!

GreenRope is the world's first Complete CRM. GreenRope simplifies business management by integrating all of an organization’s sales, marketing, and operational needs into a single, easy to use platform. The platform offers this with UNLIMITED USERS, for one low monthly rate. 

You may be thinking to yourself, “What’s the catch? How can one software offer so much functionality?” GreenRope’s innovative business approach is disrupting how we traditionally think of CRM. The idea is simple. People want a business solution that is both scalable and affordable. Our thinking: if we build the best quality product, we will create a trusted and successful brand. Our focus is creating sophisticated and intuitive marketing automation with optimal integrative capability. We chose to charge based on the number of contacts in an account, so that we grow as you do. We equated your success to our success, so we would always be accountable to our customers before anyone else.


Having successfully indoctrinated you with the tenets of Complete CRM, we can now move on to discuss marketing automation. It’s important that you understand both concepts because the success of one is predicated on the presence of the other. Your marketing automation will be limited if it’s not part of a Complete CRM, and Complete CRM needs marketing automation to be truly considered ‘complete’. 

Side Note: Don’t be a smart ass. I know what you’re thinking, “He said Complete CRM was predicated on integration, but now he claims the secret sauce is marketing automation.” Why can’t our burger have two secret sauces? Metaphorically speaking, what if your favorite sandwich at your favorite restaurant (complete with its famous homemade sauce), had a second, complimentary sauce? It would be the perfect pairing. Sweet and spicy. Salty AND savory. Just chew on that for a bit.

Any CRM worth its salt has extensive marketing automation. For those of you who don’t know, marketing automation is a powerful technology that allows you to nurture valuable relationships with customers and leads through the delivery of timely and personalized messages. While a lot of platforms offer marketing automation, few have the integrative capability to seamlessly tie your digital marketing efforts back into your sales strategy. When marketing efforts and business objectives are perfectly aligned, that’s where the real magic happens.

GreenRope’s marketing automation is next level.

Having the hand off of leads from marketing to sales disrupted by tech silos and incompatible software can result in messy fumbles. In a fully integrated CRM, marketing automation can activate follow up activities for sales personnel, creating a smooth transition from lead generation to conversion. It’s better to have your entire business ecosystem fully entrenched in one platform for greatest ease of use.




You’ve assembled an elite marketing team. This highly focused and disciplined unit contains creatives of all stripes. You have graphic designers, copywriters, account managers, and social media experts galore. So who on this team has the job description, ‘manually moves data from one platform to another’? Hopefully, no one! With marketing automation, you can take mindless drudgery out of your business process, so your people can focus on what they do best, their jobs! 

Complete CRM supports a lean business model, freeing up additional capital you can reinvest in your business. Using marketing automation you can lessen your workload and scale your team down to your key players. And if you want to make this team remote… by all means! With tools for project management and tracking user actions, you can easily keep everyone accountable and on task from the comfort of your home.



Using quality marketing automation, you can reliably broadcast messages to all of your valuable contacts. GreenRope is built with powerful tools for filtering and segmentation. Being able to segment recipients based on specific data, like location or industry, enables you to deliver timelier and more relevant messages that will actually resonate. If you’re currently blasting your entire mailing list with the same messages, you’re doing one of two things wrong; you’re either sending messages that are too generic for anyone to relate to, or you're sending detailed messages that don’t really apply to everyone. One bores and the other irritates. Don’t fill people’s inboxes with trash when there are tools to better serve your prospects!



Consumers today have notoriously short attention spans. As soon as someone expresses interest in your brand, you want to capitalize immediately. Waiting too long to begin building a relationship can end in the lead losing interest and taking their business elsewhere. With marketing automation you can begin cultivating a relationship at the first click.  

After clicking a CTA, like learn more, you can direct new leads to a landing page or signup form where you can capture valuable data, which can be used to sort them into groups and activate the most relevant digital campaigns for them. 



Marketing automation helps you maintain a consistent customer experience. Using dynamic data rules you can create messages with identical formatting and brand elements, that customize key parts of the messaging for each lead upon delivery. The same template can be used for everyone, but placeholder text for certain fields will be swapped out for individualized values upon delivery. You can create dynamic rules that can use a contacts location to insert information for their local sales rep in the email, or insert values that describe the specific attributes of their car. The applications are endless!

Placeholders and dynamic data rules also make sure that nothing slips through the cracks. Now that you don’t have to manually send individual emails for every subtle variation in information, there’s no chance of accidentally entering the wrong value. GreenRope will automatically pull the correct data from each contact’s record.



If you're not tech-savvy, don't worry. Marketing automation is surprisingly easy to use. You don’t need to be a crack coder or a design aficionado or to build effective marketing campaigns. Every account includes ready-made templates and user-friendly tools for a smooth and easy campaign crafting process. Plus, there’s no need to go big on your first campaign. You can start small with something intuitive and easy like drip campaigns. These simple email sequences are perfect for setting up brand awareness campaigns to familiarize new prospects with who you are and what you offer.



Marketing automation saves you time. Before the digital era nurturing and connecting with leads took forever. Every individual prospect required your undivided attention while you pitched your heart out, explaining each unique value proposition in detail. With automated email and MSM marketing, you can pitch to all your clients at once, without having to hit a button. Once you’ve built out your campaigns and set up ways for them to trigger, no additional oversight is necessary.



On average, GreenRope saves businesses over 80% in total cost of ownership.

Permanently say goodbye to mile high tech stacks. Harness the power of synergy with Complete CRM! With tools for communication, lead generation, project management, accounting, live chat, and more, GreenRope eliminates the need for a messy patchwork of misaligned software solutions. By housing all of your business tools in a single platform, you allow the free flow of data, creating greater consistency as you move from one task to another. When your business applications begin working with each other, rather than against each other, previously insurmountable obstacles to growth get swept away by the winds of change.

Marketing automation saves you time and money. When you don't need as many staff members to create and distribute your messages and collect data, you can redirect those resources to more pressing tasks.

Through the use of dynamic data rules, the messaging for generic email templates can be personalized for each individual contact. Upon delivery, dynamic data rules will replace the stand in text with a predetermined message based on information stored in that contact’s CRM record.To refer to a previous example, you could reduce clutter by using dynamic data rules to swap out placeholder text with with the contact information of a specific sales rep based on that contact’s location. If no value is defined, you can select default text to display. In this instance generic ‘contact us’ info might be most applicable.


Why should early adopters have all the fun? Learn to effectively leverage Complete CRM while it’s still new and continually evolving. Once this competitive edge becomes an industry standard, adoption will be a matter of survival. 



Before you is a choice. Will you shun enlightenment and cling to your archaic MarTech, or will you traverse the unbeaten path and ascend to the towering precipice of marketing success? Red pill or blue?

Choose wisely.



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