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March 2024 System Updates

We're thrilled to unveil the exciting GreenRope updates for this month! Our team has been hard at work refining our platform to ensure an improved user experience across the board. From enhanced AI capabilities in our Communicate module to streamlined features in Invoices and Workflows, there's something for everyone. Join us as we dive into the details of these updates and explore how they can empower your business operations.

AI Updates

Communicate > AI Chatbot - the web-based chatbot can now work together with a live person chatbot like Olark, allowing the user to request to speak to a human to open the live chatbot 

Communicate > AI Chatbot - updated fine tuning to use OpenAI's latest model gpt-3.5-turbo-0125


Contacts > Reports > Custom - the CRM and contact custom report charts can now be clicked on to show the contacts who comprise that data in the chart, also those contacts can now be added to a group 

Contacts > Reports > Custom - new Custom report shows contacts who have/do not have future CRM activities assigned to them

Invoices and Workflows

Invoices - now support opportunity-related placeholders

Workflows and Invoices - added support for OpportunityManagerEmail _Placeholder as a new placeholder that is the email address of the opportunity manager


Apps > Ticketing > Search - new checkboxes that allow for deleting multiple tickets at a time (power users only) 

Apps > Ticketing > Public Forms - new category-level autoresponders that will update the ticket automatically, including AI-generated content to answer the ticket question

Email EasyBuilder

EasyBuilder (Email and Landing Page) - new method of rendering background header image, added ability to repeat background header image down the page

EasyBuilder Emails - added new templates Boutique Business, B&W Business, and Literary Agency, and redesigned Interior Design Business


Contacts > View CRM > Opportunities > Kanban - the opportunity cards now have an hourglass to show the number of days the opportunity has been in that phase, with a red color if stagnant in the phase longer than the warning set in Settings > Opportunities

Opportunities - when editing an opportunity, the New Product and Create New Product are both next to each other to reduce UX confusion


Calendar - monthly view items have more spacing around them and rounded edges


Communicate > Emailer - when loading emails from the Open dialog, if the Sent Emails checkbox is checked, we will also show emails sent from deleted groups if the user is a Power User


Dashboard > Widgets - the Invoice Sales widget now can be configured to show stats for invoices sent or paid


Contacts > Tools > Clean > Merging Duplicate Contacts - if you have automatic user field change triggers that activate workflows, you can suppress the workflow activation by checking a checkbox 


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