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February 2021 Monthly Updates 

February is the month of love, at GreenRope we express our love through new features and updates based on the feedback of the people we love the most - our clients!  

Here is a look at all the updates and new features we added in February.

Account & Help Updates 

Zoom Integration - Our new native Zoom integration allows you to pull Zoom webinar and meeting attendees automatically into your CRM. Note you must be at the Zoom Pro level or higher for the integration to work. To learn more about the new zoom integration go to Settings > Account > Settings > Integration.


Settings in Account > Integration, including Zoom


Help video - We are constantly updating and adding new quick video tutorial content to our Help section. This month we are happy to announce the new Custom Objects video.  

Daily Summary - The daily email summary (Settings > Account > Settings) now includes store purchases from your active GreenRope website for the past day, week, and month, including totals and top 3 by store item.

Contact Updates

Tag preview - In the contact profile, tags are now viewed by abbreviation in alphabetical order. 


Tag list in contact record


Contact Details - You now have the ability to delete and edit an existing Stripe card on file for any contact in your account. 

Hot Contacts - When filtering your hot leads you can now search back as far as up to 3 years in the date range.


Hot lead filtering settings in Contacts View CRM page


Email Updates

Link Shorteners - Sending emails that contain link shorteners (e.g.,,,, can cause spam filtering. We have added a link shortener blocker, an error message making you aware of the problematic link will be presented upon sending. Replace the shortened link with a full URL to stay in compliance whitelisting services and ensure the best possible delivery rates. 


Error mesage with warning about using link shortners


New Email EasyBuilder templates - We’ve added even more customizable templates to the Email EasyBuilder.  Our three newest templates are the Valentines, Welcome, and Appointment Reminder templates.


3 EasyBuilder Templates


Signup Form Updates

Personalization Options - You now have the ability to personalize the subject line for notification emails with placeholders, for example, New group member from signup form Form  



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