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Importance of Using Text Messages for Sales and Marketing

When it comes to marketing strategy, the name of the game is to deliver your message in a convenient, easily accessible format. And what’s more accessible than text messaging?! Texts are a defining feature of 21st century communication. A study on preferred methods of communication, by Cision, showed that “85 percent of respondents keep their phones within arms reach a majority of the time.” Companies who adopt texting as part of their sales and marketing strategies see an increase in customer satisfaction, across all sectors. According to Cision, “60 percent of respondents said they would switch to brands that offered text related services, like for scheduling appointments or customer support.”

What follows is a list of unique benefits of incorporating text messaging into your business model.

It is Direct and Immediate

Text messaging is perhaps the most direct and immediate means of reaching your target audience. Delivery is nearly instantaneous, and has favorable read rates when compared to other forms of marketing. According to Gartner, research indicates that SMS open rates are as high as 98%, compared to just 20% for emails. Gartner’s research further reveals that it takes an average of 90 seconds for someone to respond to a text, but 90 minutes to respond to an email.

Consumers use electronic and physical mail to communicate with institutions, or facilitate business interactions. At least that’s how things have traditionally been done. For most people, texting is seen as something far more personal. It’s something we closely monitor throughout the day, and use to share our lives with close intimates. By using texts to communicate with leads and customers, brands can better engage with contacts by going to them, instead of making them jump through hoops to come to you.

It Has Higher Open Rates

As I’ve mentioned, text messaging delivers optimal open rates. But this point can’t be emphasized enough. Cluttered inboxes are confusing and hard to navigate, and the postal service seems downright archaic. People used to use email to share interesting and funny content with friends and colleagues, but the growing prominence of text has relegated email to a business facing institution. Texting is accessible and user friendly, making it most users’ preferred medium for virtual communication. 

This said, it’s no surprise open rates for text messages are so high. People really care when they get a notification from their messaging app. Not everyone checks LinkedIn or Gmail on a regular basis. In a digital society, texting is the common denominator.

A study by Business Insider revealed that 39 percent of people check their email one to three times a day (that’s the demographic who checks the least). A study by Kleiner Perkins showed that the average American checked their phone 150 times a day, and that texting was the most used feature.

It has a High Response Rate

Not only do text messages have a high open-rate, but they also have impressively high response rates. Email inboxes are filled with corporate and commercial communications that go unanswered. That’s just the nature of things, but with text it’s a bit different. The aggregate volume of commercial communications is far lower, making recipients more likely to respond.

It Works Well Alongside Other Marketing Strategies

Why limit your marketing strategy to a single medium? You need to be everywhere your customers are, and SMS/ MMS messaging is the perfect compliment to any well rounded, multi media marketing strat. Texts are great for sending alerts, and can be used to deliver links containing your newest and most relevant content. This way your contacts can easily navigate your site based on their most vital informational needs.

Deliver Surveys the Smart Way

SMS is a great way to request feedback. A lot of organizations utilize this technology to deliver surveys to their customers. Because SMS gets better response rates than email, they’re also a great way to boost survey sizes and get better results.

Nurture Relationships

Sales reps love SMS! Automated messages are a great way to get a conversation going, without having to type the same message out again and again. After a lead responds to an engaging text, your sales rep can easily follow up with a personal response in the same thread, starting where your automation left off. 


The reason texting has become integral to marketing and sales, is because it works. Time and time again SMS campaigns have delivered measurable results that most other mediums can’t touch. GreenRope understands that you can’t be a powerhouse brand without a multi-channel marketing strategy. This is why every GreenRope account offers Email, SMS, MMS, and voice communications, plus web design, sales tools and more.




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