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The 'Girly' Side of CES 2014

Technology and femininity do not always go hand in hand, but this year CES International is singing a different tune. The International Consumer Electronics Trade Show made a point this year to showcase a number of tech gadget and products specifically designed and geared towards the female market. I am not going to lie, I was surprised to see the amount of glitter and woman focused tech fun there was as I perused the hundreds of booths that make up CES. 

The Top 'Girly Gadgets' at CES:

1. Designer Tech

Designers aren't just sticking to clothes these days, they are making their mark in the tech world as well. Couture designers like Nicole Miller, Jean Paul Gautier, Kenzie, and jewelry designer, Swarovski, are all developing accessories to deck out your tech. I mean, what woman doesn't want a designer iPad case? We wear their clothes, don't we want our tech to wear it too? 

Designer Tech at CES Vegas

2. Wearable Tech 

Yep! Feminine gadgets now come in the form of pendant necklaces, jeweled watches, and pretty bracelets. Tech company, Ezio, has developed a line of 'Gadget Jewelry' that a woman can wear to be alerted when she is getting a phone call, a text, and even if she is leaving home without her beloved mobile device! 

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 11

3. Mirrored iPhone Cases 

Ladies, we have all been that girl that looks into your mobile camera to get a glance of what your hair or makeup is doing. Well, a few companies are making sure that you have everything you need built into the case for your phone. By everything, I am talking about a mirror, a built-in mirror. You no longer have to look like you are taking a selfie, simply flip up the mirror, apply your lipstick, fix your makeup, etc. 

4. Glittery Appliances

From refrigerators and microwaves to washers and dryers, glitter is everywhere. Swarkovski is sticking their pretty little gems into everything it seems. Just in case your tech pendant, mirrored iPhone case, and 'blinged' out iPad case were enough, you can now deck your house out with pretty (big) appliances. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 11

5. 3D Printed Women's Wear

Printing is not just for t-shirts and postcards, companies are now going to a whole new level with printing, 3D printing. While shuffling through the printing section of CES, 3D printing dominated, and I came across one booth in particular showcasing high heels, watches, bracelets, handbags, and more, all created using 3D printing. Although the material is a bit rough, and these shoes can not be comfortable, the concept is pretty darn cool. It does not seem like a mass production success model, but I can see how companies everywhere can use this technology for quick prototyping. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 11

There you have it, the Girly side of CES. Stay tuned this week to find out what else we came across! 

By Alessandra Ceresa


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