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Using Surveys for Market Research

Research Surveys

Understanding your consumer is key to every successful business. Without knowing who they are, what they want, and what they think, marketing your business may have proved pretty difficult. Trends change quickly these days, and if your business does not stay on top of it, you can potentially face disappointing sales numbers, lower customer retention, and decreased brand credibility.

Surveys are a great way for a company to get in front of their proposed target base to view their thoughts on upcoming or current products, customer service, and virtually any aspect of the business that directly affects your  consumer.

Market research surveys accomplish the following:

     1. Determining quality. Asking customers specific questions about your product or service is a great way of finding out what people really think about the quality of the product you are producing and where it needs help.

     2. Defining whom your market consists of. Surveys will show you who is using your product or service. Are they primarily men, women, over 35? Having this information allows you to better target your messaging, and perhaps make changes in your product or service to hit another target market.

     3. Gaining general feedback. Obtaining overall feedback about your brand, customer service, product, and perhaps future products is key to establishing a successful marketing strategy. Feedback is crucial if you want to continue to deliver great results.

     4. Increased customer appreciation. By asking your customers what THEY think, puts the power in their hands. It shows that your brand is committed to the customer and meeting their needs.

The key to acquiring the data you are searching for is all in the questions you ask. Here are a few tips to make sure you are developing and asking the right questions to get the best results.

     1. Focus on customer loyalty rather than customer satisfaction. Instead of asking them whether they are satisfied in general, include a point of reference for them to compare you with. For example, when asking the customer about your customer service, is your service better, the same or lower than they would expect to receive elsewhere? This will give you a better idea of where you stand with the customer AND your competition.

     2. Don’t seem biased. Ask questions that are neutral. Do not make it seem like you are leading your reader towards one answer or another. This will turn them off.

     3. Make sure your questions are simple and clear. If you want people to respond, then make the questions easy to understand. If they have to put more energy than they are willing into answering your questions, they won’t. Keeping your questions simple and easy to respond to will get better results.

     4. Include open-ended questions. Instead of just giving your respondent multiple choice questions, also allow them to give their own personal feedback. It is a place for them to get up on their soapbox and articulate exactly what they think, good or bad. You won’t always like what you hear, but this unstructured data proves quite relevant when you are trying to gain accurate feedback.

     5. Don’t just send the survey; test it first. Send your survey around to a few different people. This will ensure that your questions are easy to understand. Why not get feedback on your quest for feedback?

Surveys are a great way for a business to determine where they stand among their customers. GreenRope offers the ability to easily create and track online surveys that you can email to all of your contacts. Once your survey has been sent out, don’t forget to track it! You can instantly track the results to analyze them and see how well your survey is performing. With the gathered data you are able to make the adjustments you need to help further grow your business.

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All of this is included in your GreenRope subscription. If you have questions about our Surveys feature, please email or attend one of our twice-monthly webinars to gain insider information on how to best make use of the surveys.


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