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One Click Search to Find a Hotel Nearby your GreenRope Contacts?  Absolutely

Has this ever happened to you?  You plan a trip to attend an event or to visit a prospect or a client and you find yourself booked in a hotel in location that is really not convenient to where you really need to be.   

And airport noise may not be the worst of your problems.  You may find yourself at a hotel downtown, only to find out that your meeting is in an office park in a suburb 30-45 minutes away, without traffic!

You’re not alone.  Why does this happen?

Did you know that the systems that power most travel platforms are geared to find hotels near airports or city centers?  Whether you use an online travel site, a hotel site or a traditional travel agent, most of the time they have no idea where you are really headed.


Check out the New VISIT tab on Contacts page

Greenrope is pleased to announce this industry first capability – integrated trip planning from within our CRM system.  See our new VISIT tab on the Contact page.

Visit tab

Now, you can search for a hotel nearby your contact and book it, plus get driving directions and optionally rent a car or buy an airline ticket, all without leaving your CRM system.   

The VISIT tab on the Contact Info page pulls the address directly from your contact record.  And the more specific the address, the better the search. Because proximity to your actual destination does matter and so does your time.

If you have a full address or at least the city/state in your contact record, first you will see the MAP.  From there you can click on I’m Staying to find a hotel nearby, or I’m Driving to get driving time and directions and to optionally rent a car.  If you decide to fly, the I’m Flying tab takes you to the air booking capability.


No address?  No problem.

When you click on the VISIT tab if you don’t have an address, you can click on the PENCIL in the address field and type in the name of the company or the venue where you wish to meet.  

Can I update my contact with the address?

Sure.  Just copy the address and click back on the CONTACT INFO tab and paste the street address into your record.  And then the city and state. Click on SAVE. Then go back to VISIT and complete your search by verifying your travel address.  

The next time you need to visit that contact, the information will be stored.

Can I filter the kind of hotels that I want to see?

Once you hit SEARCH on the VISIT tab, the hotel results will display nearby hotels, and it will show you the distance from your precise destination.

It will include 3, 4 and 5-star hotels and will be shown in proximity order.  You can further filter by hotel name, brand, rate and amenities.

Our partner, Solutionz powers the booking system with their TripProximity tool and they have over 700,000 hotels in over 71,000 locations around the world.   

They guarantee that the hotel rates are the lowest published rates and that if you book a hotel through your CRM system, and then find a lower rate, they will refund 110% of the difference in rate.

What if my company uses a travel agency?

This capability is designed for those that don’t have a mandated corporate travel agency.  Always check with your company’s policy before using any other booking solution.

What if I need to change or cancel?

Just go to the VISIT tab and click on My Itineraries in the lower left corner and enter your trip confirmation number and email that you used for your booking.   If you need help, 24x7 you can also call for assistance.

If you have already booked a hotel reservation and need assistance, you can contact our Customer Service at 877-477-7441. If you call this 800 number please have your trip number, phone number and email that you entered while making your reservation available.

So now I can save time and be closer to my destination?

You bet.  GreenRope knows that your time matters. This is just one more way that we can be a part of your complete system for managing prospects and clients.

Check it out and join us on April 26th for a webinar to learn more.

#ProximityMatters #TimeMatters

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