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How to Increase Conversions with Pop-up Signup Forms

By Scott Schiess


Marketing is a numbers game. You want to drive as much traffic as possible to your business and consistently convert that traffic into leads. The ability to successfully convert often comes down to having an attractive website that keeps a visitor's attention long enough for your value proposition to set in. After taking a moment to mentally digest what you are offering, a visitor will then look into ways to learn more about you. This interest often leads to filling out a signup form, the most essential part of the conversion process.

You never want your signup form to be hard to find. That being said, the from also shouldn’t distract from the lead magnet that visitors found engaging in the first place. Ideally, you want to integrate your form in a way that makes it hard to ignore but not obtrusive to the website experience.

For a growing number of digital marketers, the solution is using pop-up windows to introduce a form in a way that forces visitors to acknowledge the form without cluttering the page. The benefits of using pop-up forms are well documented, with some studies boasting a 1,375% increase in conversions compared to sidebar forms!

Sidebar signup form

Easy to ignore while focused on the content in the middle of the page.

Pop-up signup form

Impossible to miss and doesn’t distract from the content on the page. Can also be used to gate content, where a page is only accessible after completing the form.  Close.


But be warned, the success of a pop-up form isn’t guaranteed! Marketers must offer something relevant and valuable to visitors in order for them to feel enticed enough to exchange their information for it. Think of what your audience cares about and align this offer with that interest.

Use language that is actionable and specific to really charm them. Share a shocking statistic of the benefits of your product or service. Give them a taste of your expertise while teasing the crucial secrets to come. Be brief and relatable so the value is clear. People want results, and if you can illustrate how you deliver those results they will be hungry for more!

With this in mind, GreenRope offers pop-up forms that users can add to their website to enhance lead generation efforts. You can start using pop-up forms today by logging into GreenRope and navigating to your signup forms. Once there, click the HTML button for the signup form you’d like to use then navigate to the ‘Floating Iframe and Pop-up’ tab.

Here you will find the code you will use in order to embed the pop-up to your site. You can adjust the time delay for the pop-up’s appearance and also configure the triggering of the pop-up to the clicking of a button on a page by editing the HTML code provided.


Remember, if you would like any assistance with implementing this feature, reach out to us



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