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Salespeople and CRM Misconceptions

The fundamental aspect of a quality salesperson boils down to one key factor - personability. 

So when talking about implementing automation the question we’re often asked is if you take some of the personal touches out of the sales process through automation does that take away from the sales experience? The answer really depends on who you ask. A lot of salespeople think the answer is a clear “yes”. The sales perspective is that a CRM isn’t as helpful to salespeople as it is to marketing or operations teams. 

This is simply untrue. The sales experience improves with CRM. The salesperson can easily store important information, track all touch points, and spend more time focusing on the client relationship rather than managing data. Here are a few other misconceptions salespeople have about CRM and how GreenRope can help overcome them. 

Misconception #1: A CRM cannot be trusted 

There seems to be a lot of concerns from salespeople surrounding the CRM being used for alternative motives from management. As a way to allow big brother to track them, monitoring their productivity to extremes, and that the CRM is not beneficial to the salesperson or the client but rather management only. While a CRM does create transparency within an organization, it provides more benefits to the salesperson than they might think. Instead of storing all of their contact data and opportunities in spreadsheets and notepads, all the information they use daily is managed in one place - the CRM.

With positive productivity comes success. A CRM takes so much of the manual tedious work out of the user’s day-to-day activities, leaving users with more time to be productive outside the CRM, where it counts, with the client! Using the time saved by automation, salespeople can connect with clients to earn trust and close deals. 

Misconception #2: A CRM is not accessible and wastes time

The complaint that a salesperson cannot access the CRM on the go leaves them feeling like they have to do twice as much work, one set of tasks in the field and another strapped behind a desk sifting through a complicated system. The inability to access CRM on the go leaves them feeling disorganized and disconnected from the client. 

The truth is a quality CRM is accessible from anywhere, with user-friendly mobile apps, allowing the salesperson to work in the CRM in real-time and having data accessible to them on the go-to focus on what they love doing and what pays them - selling.  

Misconception #3 A CRM is not easy to use 

This is probably the biggest complaint heard from salespeople- that a CRM is not easy to use and takes way too long to learn how to properly use it. The training they receive is minimal and insufficient. When time is money it often feels like a waste of precious time to start a whole new process.

When you have decided to implement new technologies into your sales process it can take time. However, the long-term benefits of a well-thought-out implementation make the short-term pain worth it. In addition to an implementation plan, proper training is key! GreenRope’s onboarding process consists of one-on-one training sessions with system experts, a certification program, custom implementation, free 24/7 support and so much more. We understand how important it is to understand the system, so it can be used to create a sales money-making machine. 

Misconception #4: A CRM is not efficient 

Salespeople already have one of the most stress-filled jobs, adding unnecessary frustration by implementing a poorly constructed or insufficient CRM into the mix will surely leave a sour taste in any salesperson’s mouth. 

The two biggest challenges salespeople face every day is:

  1. How to successfully generate, qualify, and manage sales leads effectively
  2. Prioritizing sales activities 

The false illusion that a CRM will make those challenges harder is probably the biggest misconception of all. A CRM is not only a solution for these challenges but also solves many smaller, less pressing, tasks that come up during the sales process. 

Misconception #5: A CRM makes sales reporting impossible 

There seems to be an unspoken gap between technology and knowledge. Salespeople often find that the data in their CRM may be too convoluted or not prudent to their process. Not only is that untrue but a CRM can make activity reporting so much easier! 

Creating intake forms is a great way to easily obtain reporting information directly from the clients. Create custom fields to allow you to gather as much relevant information as possible, then sit back and watch the data start pouring in. More data means more segmentation which will make contacting your clients about their specific needs easier, that personalization is exactly what a quality sales team needs to win more deals. 

Without a complete CRM, a salesperson cannot fully leverage the power obtained by the vast information provided during a proper discovery which, with the same CRM, can easily be automated, giving them more time to connect with the client directly to win deals and close them faster. 

Still not convinced that a quality CRM is crucial to a successful sales team? Check out this real life story about salespeople and CRM


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