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April showers bring May flowers


April showers bring May flowers and April updates make happy GreenRope clients! Here are your April system updates.



You can now create custom fields for your ticketing forms. Use these fields to collect extra data with ticket submissions. Connect any of your custom fields to any of your ticket categories. To get started go to Apps > Ticketing > Fields. Once you have created your field, select “Edit Fields” on the Category page to add the fields to different categories.



After a ticket form has been submitted you now have the option to update the ticket with the opener's city/state/country from their IP address. Apps > Ticketing > "After Ticket Form Submission".



Apps > Ticketing > Ticket Resolutions > The new resolution chart shows the average number of days tickets were open.




Unknown calls can be easily assigned to existing contacts or added to your account as a new contact. This is done by going to Communicate > SMS/MMS/Voice > select the phone number and use the “Add New Contact” or “Assign” links to update the contact record.



You can now create automatic SMS responses that get sent to callers after inbound calls. These responses can include standard, user, and dynamic placeholders.



We are excited to introduce the new “fallback” feature for inbound calls. This option allows your inbound calls to be rerouted to a different phone number if the initial person assigned to the call does not pick up after 9 seconds.




Survey results now include datetime, exported information include scoring data.




Documents in a contact’s CRM profile are now ordered by most recent.



Contacts > Reports > CRM Activities - when clicking on the chart to view activities, now you can advance, delay, and reassign activities en masse.




Booking Calendar - new option to show other events from the same group to Indicate when time slots have been already reserved.



Email EasyBuilder

We have added another 4 new EasyBuilder templates!




The icons in top navigation have gotten a subtle update.



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