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6 Sales and Marketing Pain Points that Automation Can Relieve

Technology is now embedded in most of our lives. And of course, marketers aren’t exempt from this. They could be using omnichannel retail software, or be making the most of a CRM platform. Whatever it is, the modern life of a marketer requires daily use of technology. 

But even with this in mind, there is one key area of tech that marketers just aren’t making the most of. That’s automation. People tend to believe that automation is for building cars or IT professionals. However, automation can make a huge difference for marketing teams.

From engaging customers with email marketing, automation can help eradicate sales pain points. Here are six places automation can have a positive impact. 

1. Unengaged Customers 

Sometimes it feels like you have tried every option possible, but you still can’t engage certain customers. This is where automation comes in. 

Customers respond better to personalized communications. What’s more, communication needs to be made across a range of channels for it to be successful. With a customer base of any size, it is nearly impossible to personalize messages manually. 

An automation tool can help send emails, SMS, and social media messages to clients. Your marketing team can focus on the campaign itself, whilst the tool sends them out en masse with added personalized details drawn from customer data.

Let’s say you run an online pet shop. Rather than sending identical emails to every customer, you can use marketing automation software and custom email templates to target dog and cat owners separately, promoting different products for each. 

Automation will help engage customers, as they’re more likely to open messages that have meaning to them. This draws them into your brand, and their loyalty will grow from there.


Source: Reach Marketing


2. Low-Quality Leads

Annoyingly, low-quality leads can end up as a waste of time. Separating out good leads from bad ones is a hugely important task. 

Many automation platforms are designed to help teams focus on the high-quality leads. This saves you time - time you can spend turning these potential customers into loyal clients.

From there, personalized emails or phone calls can draw more people in. Clients will leave great online reviews about your company.  Relationships with clients will eventually grow and become stronger. All thanks to automation identifying the best clients. 

3. Abandoned Carts 

Even if a company has followed all the marketing tips out there, they may still stumble to convert interest into a sale. Many customers will end up abandoning their carts. 

However, the fact that customers have filled their carts in the first place shows that they have an interest in the products you sell. So, why have they abandoned them? It could be that they ran out of time or that they felt the shipping costs were too expensive. 

Whatever the reason for the block at this stage, automation can help customers make that final purchase. Automation enables personalized  content or emails to nudge the customer at the right time. That could be a free shipping offer as they go to leave the page, or a 10% off code as they click back to reassess a certain product. This customized content can resolve whatever issues they have, increasing the chances they will make a purchase. 

This creates a better customer experience. And, with the right sales predictions, it also makes it easier on your end. For instance, supply chain management becomes far easier when you have less abandoned carts.  


Source: OptinMonster


4.The Sales and Marketing Team Don’t Align

The routine is pretty straight forward. The marketing team has created an effective content strategy. The sales team are landing clients and leads using the company’s new call recording system.  Yet, for some reason, you’re not getting as many sales as you hoped. Although separately the teams are doing great, they aren’t working together as a whole. 

Why? Because they don’t have insight into each other's work. While sales are busy calling clients, the marketing team may be making social media posts aimed at a completely different audience. If they both focused on the same target demographic, there would be a greater chance of a sale being made. 

Using automation software with CRM gives both teams insight into the same data, tools, and allows a 360-degree view of the customer.  With each team able to see what the other team is doing, they can collaborate on the same campaigns - making them much more effective.

5. Having A Consistent Brand Presence 

Brand presence is just as important as the product or service you are selling. It tells your audience what you do and who you are. Getting this right can even help you with behind the scenes points like streamlining ecommerce operations and keeping on top of stock. 

The customer needs to see a consistent brand, no matter which platform they’re using. Marketing automation allows teams to pre-write documents, graphs and visuals and make them accessible throughout the company. This centrally controlled aspect means you can push the same content on multiple platforms at once. 

Say you sell plants online and you are having a sale. Marketing automation means the same photos, text, and offer can be shared on Facebook, be used on the sites landing page and sent to customers via email. You can schedule this in advance, ensuring consistency and saving you time.

6. Generating More Revenue

Email marketing platforms are great at giving basic statistics, like stats on click-through rates or bounce rates. However, they don’t tend to say much about the success of a marketing campaign overall.

Marketing automation, however, helps you to track the success of your campaign throughout the whole buying cycle. Rather than having to manually sit down and compare stats from previous campaigns, you can automate the analysis, getting clearer results.

This lets you figure out which aspects of marketing and sales are working the best - and figure out which campaigns are making the most money. 




There are many ways in which automation can help deal with the pain points of the sales and marketing teams. From order management software making sure customers receive their orders efficiently to automated pop-ups preventing carts from being abandoned. This modern way of working also can help you maintain a consistent brand presence, generate better revenue, and create a better customer experience. It won’t replace your staff - rather, it will enable them to do their best work.

Nick Shaw - BrightPearl

Nick Shaw is the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of Brightpearl, a leading provider of inventory, warehouse and warehouse management system. He is responsible for Global Marketing, Sales and Alliances for the leading retail inventory management software provider. Nick has written for sites such as Antropy and MyTechDecisions. Here is Nick Shaw’s LinkedIn.



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